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The Kyocera Group's First Integrated Stakeholder Report

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We are pleased to announce that Kyocera has published its first Integrated Report which consolidates financial and non-financial information, and reports on our growth strategy and business outline for creating corporate value.

The Integrated Report 2019 is made for all our stakeholders to deepen their understanding of our current business and future growth strategies. The report includes a message from Hideo Tanimoto, President of the Kyocera Group, regarding future the Kyocera's future vision, and a newly organized "Kyocera Group Value Creation Model" highlights the relationship between our business and Sustainable Development Goals.

The report also includes information on CSR activities such as diversity promotion activities, building a safe and secure work environment, and environmental initiatives.

We hope this report will be helpful for all stakeholders who wish to better understand Kyocera and its business.

Download the full report at the link below:

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