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Development of an Innovative Customer Preference Management System for Retail Apparel Shops

Enhancing OMO shopping and customer engagement with data solutions

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Kyocera Corporation (President: Hideo Tanimoto) and TSI HOLDINGS CO., LTD(President: Tsuyoshi Shimoji) are developing a new Customer Preference Management System to provide customer preferences in stores as a means of enhancing service and customer satisfaction.


Physical Stores are Less Data-Friendly than E-Commerce Sites

For OMO*, which integrates online and offline services, creating new shopping experiences based on customer preferences is essential. In e-commerce, it is already mainstream to provide customers with product recommendations based on past searches, favorited products, products in the customer's cart, etc.; however, providing a similar service to customers in physical stores is challenging. The coronavirus pandemic has changed consumer behavior, and the value consumers gain from visiting physical stores is changing from "consumption" to "experience."

To solve this problem, TSI HOLDINGS which provides one-to-one customer services by integrating preferences across stores and e-commerce sites, and Kyocera, which develops IoT solutions, are working together to create a new Customer Preference Management System for OMO stores.

* OMO...Online Merges with Offline


Manage Customer Preferences in Physical Stores to Enhance Shopping Experience

Preferences managed through the system will help provide recommendations and other services to customers, providing stores with an innovative new direct messaging (DM) tool.


Customer Preference Management System Developed by Kyocera

Kyocera constructed the Customer Preference Management System using sensing devices equipped with a unique state-detection algorithm to observe real-time customer behavior data at stores in the same way as e-commerce.

Customers launch an app provided by Nano Universe* when they enter the store. When a customer picks up a product, the app monitors location and product information on a hanger or beacon from a sensing device.

In-store location, product information, and preferences will be sent to the Customer Preference Management System on the cloud. Analyzing these preferences will make it possible to understand customers' interests and tastes among various products and provide future recommendations.

* Nano Universe...Apparel stores operated by TSI HOLDINGS CO., LTD

Utilization of the Customer Preference Management System

Customers receive recommendations and other content via smartphone app push notifications or email. In addition, customers will also get reminders about items they did not buy even after engaging with the product in-store and encourage them to return to e-commerce sites or store locations.

TSI HOLDINGS will build a new customer experience model integrated with e-commerce customer preferences to improve user experience. Kyocera also aims to provide unique value to customers via innovative data management and IoT-based solutions.

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