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KYOCERA Develops New Generation of High-Performance, Economical, Multi-functional Milling Cutters "MEV Series"

Newly developed triangle enables low cutting forces and high rigidity, solving a variety of machining challenges

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Kyocera Corporation (President: Hideo Tanimoto) today announced its new MEV series of efficient, multi-functional milling cutters for metal machining applications. The new product series, which includes six inserts and 25 holders, are now available worldwide.


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High-Performance Milling Cutters
Number of models Holders: 25 / Inserts: 6
Cutting diameter φ20 mm -φ50 mm
Applications Face milling, shouldering, slotting, pocketing, ramping, helical milling
Recommended workpieces Carbon steel, alloy steel, mold steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant alloy, titanium alloy, cast iron
Production locations Shiga Yohkaichi Plant /
Kagoshima Sendai Plant
Sales target 200 million yen / year

Product Background
A milling cutter typically has cutting edges on its outer holder body and bottom, and is used to cut grooves and forms out of the surface of a metal workpiece. The process requires continuous improvement in cutting precision and efficiency to support the growing range of materials and applications demanded within many industries, including automotive and aerospace manufacturing.

While a conventional milling cutter can deliver high rigidity and high-precision machining through increased web thickness, this often results in higher cutting forces that decreased efficiency. Alternatively, if efficiency is prioritized instead, the tool can become prone to vibration shock, which diminishes cutting accuracy. To overcome this longstanding challenge, Kyocera developed a unique "vertical triangle" insert design that delivers both high rigidity and lower cutting forces.

In addition, Kyocera achieved longer product life and greater versatility by adjusting the angle of the cutting edges, increasing the rigidity of the holder body, and optimizing the insert shape to improve chip control.

Main Features
High Performance: High Rigidity and Lower Cutting Forces
The web thickness of the MEV Series holder body has been increased to approximately 120% compared to conventional milling cutters by changing the insert orientation to a tangential mounting style for the first time among Kyocera's indexable end mills. In addition, the use of a triangular-shaped insert with low cutting resistance ensures both higher rigidity and lower cutting forces for greater machining precision and efficiency.

0103_xkot02.jpeg 0103_xkot03.jpeg
Economical: Longer Insert and Holder Life
The innovative design features larger cutting edges for increased strength. In addition, all three usable cutting edges feature Kyocera's proprietary MEGACOAT NANO* coating technology with wear and adhesion resistance for increased tool life. Increasing holder rigidity and creating wider area of contact with the inserts leads to high durability.

Multi-Functional: Covers a Wide Variety of Machining Applications
By optimizing the design of the chipbreakers, the MEV maintains exceptional chip evacuation. The MEV can also achieve stable machining in more difficult applications where chip re-cutting and high cutting force can be challenges, such as slotting and ramping at a depth of cut (DOC) up to 6mm. 0103_xkot04.jpeg

Covering a Wide Variety of Machining Applications

* CVD coating type will also be available

See the video clip for more information.

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