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Air Gesture: A next-generation technology that uses gestures to control smartphones, automotive navigation systems, and more

Air Gesture is a technology that lets you control electronic devices with gestures, so that there's no need to manipulate a touch panel or other input device.
Kyocera is offering patent licenses for Air Gesture technology.

Intuitive and clean.

Go beyond

the limits of touch panels.

A Kyocera technology that's attracting the industry's attention

In 2017, Kyocera launched a smartphone with Air Gesture.

Since then, numerous smartphone manufacturers have recognized the potential of Air Gesture and are moving to incorporate similar functionality into their products as a flagship feature.

Air Gesture is featured in CookView, an app that comes with Kyocera's rafre smartphone, which was launched in Japan. The program lets users view recipes while cooking by simply moving their hands in front of the device so that the smartphone won't get dirty from their hands, and their hands won't get dirty from the smartphone.

Air Gesture is being used in automotive navigation systems, too

The group of patents related to Kyocera's Air Gesture technology consists of a variety of inventions derived from our development of smartphones.
These patents can be used in a variety of fields, not only for smartphones.

For example, Air Gesture technology is starting to be used in automotive navigation systems. Systems featuring Air Gesture can be controlled with gestures, freeing users from the need to keep their eyes on the screen. This capability makes it possible for drivers to control their vehicle's automotive navigation system without changing their driving posture.
In this way, Air Gesture offers a safe, pleasant driving experience.

Among the promises of patented Kyocera technologies is even greater ease of use for automotive navigation systems.

New applications for Air Gesture

Air Gesture technology can also be used in settings where it's essential to keep people's hands clean, for example in healthcare and manufacturing. The ability to control electronic devices without touching them means people performing work that demands cleanliness can get the information they need without getting their hands dirty.

Air Gesture will likely be featured in the near future on electronic devices that are used by the general public thus enabling a more pleasant user experience. We believe that Air Gesture is also ideal for situations where people are hesitant to touch devices with their hands because they have become dirty in the course of daily life.

Air Gesture technology is expanding beyond smartphones and automotive navigation systems to a variety of applications like home appliances, and Kyocera is ready to license patents related to the technology.
Interested parties should contact Kyocera.

US Patent No.10536571 (173KB)

*This page was created based on information available at the time of publication (3/31/2020). Information about patent rights and other topics may differ from the most recent information.
*The patents listed on this page are intended to introduce a subset of the patents related to the licensing program described. The products featured on this page may not utilize the patented technologies described.


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