Green Management: Basis of Environmental Management Promotion

Green Management
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 Environmental Management Promotion System
Targets and action plans determined by the Kyocera Green Committee are broken down in the Environmental Management System based on the ISO14001 Standard. The Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) cycle is applied monthly in order to spread continuous environmental conservation activities.

Environmental Management Promotion System
Image: Environmental Management Promotion System

 Environmental Education
The Kyocera Group systematically performs environmental education by classifying it into general, awareness, and professional education based on the environmental education system. Our objective is to help our employees to understand the significance of working on environmental conservation activities and the role each person plays, and thus to raise overall environmental awareness.

Environmental Education
Photo: Training for Eco-Lesson instructors

Training for "Eco-Lesson" instructors

 Environmental Risk Management
The Kyocera Group established the Kyocera Group Environmental Management Standard in 1992, which sets stricter standards than legal and public regulations on emissions, wastewater, soil and ground water contaminants, etc. In addition, each office specifies even stricter self-imposed standards and carries out periodic measurements.

Environmental Risk Management

Popup Kyocera Group's Environmental Impact at Each Site
Image: Environmental Risk Management

 Kyocera Group Environmental Management Contribution Award
The Kyocera Group used to present the Kyocera Group Environmental Management Contribution Award every year, with the objective of stimulating environmental conservation activities, but because we have seen ongoing improvement of environmental protection activities at work sites thanks to the environmental management system, the Award is being discontinued for the sake of reform in FY2014. We will continue to roll out positive activities at each site including development of environment-friendly products, effective utilization of finite resources/energies, activities for the prevention of climate change, and others. Incidentally, the Kyocera Group has established a system for commending employees who have made a great contribution in business activities, which include environmental activities (President’s Award), and presents the award in April every year.

2012 (16th) (pdf/104KB) PDF
2011 (15th) (pdf/72KB) PDF
2010 (14th) (pdf/319KB) PDF
2009 (13th) (pdf/780KB) PDF

 Environmental Accounting
The Kyocera Group established an Environmental Accounting System which has been in practice since FY2003. In its business activities, the Kyocera Group quantitatively assesses the cost laid out for environmental conservation and its conservation effects as well as economic benefits, and positively utilizes this information for environmental conservation measures.

Environmental Accounting

 Overall Environmental Impact
This diagram shows the environmental impact of the entire Kyocera Group, clarifying the relationship between our business activities and the environment. Image: Overall Environmental Impact
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