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Since foundation of the company, based on the corporate motto “Respect the Divine and Love People,” the Kyocera Group has focused all corporate activities on three pillars of coexistence (Living Together): Coexisting with Our Community, Coexisting with Global Society, and Coexisting with Nature. The entire Kyocera Group is committed to environmental management and aims for sustainable corporate development while striving to combine the goals of ecology and economy. The Kyocera Group handles many chemical substances during production processes, such as raw materials and chemical agents for fine ceramics. Regarding treatment of waste water from factories, our policy is to purify discharged water to a state cleaner than the water system into which it is to be released.

It is Kyocera Group policy to render any industrial waste as harmless as possible by using the latest technology.

Based on this concept, the Kyocera Group enacted the “Kyocera Environmental Charter” in 1991, the company’s basic philosophy regarding the environment. Kyocera established its “Environment Vision 2020” in order to embody the Kyocera Environmental Charter and define the company’s stance on a long-term basis up to 2020. As a yearly goal to achieve this vision, Kyocera has formulated the “Kyocera Group Global Environmental Policy.”

 Kyocera Environmental Charter
Based on the concept of “Coexistence (Living Together),” the Kyocera Group established the Kyocera Environmental Charter, which provides for comprehensive measures on environmental protection, development of environmentally friendly products, energy conservation, climate change prevention, resource conservation, waste reduction, proper management of chemical substances, and biodiversity protection in order to create a low-carbon producing society, recycling society and a society in harmonious coexistence with nature.
Kyocera Environmental Charter

 Environment Vision 2020
The Kyocera Group has established the Environment Vision 2020, which clarifies the goals to be achieved by 2020 in order to work on environmental management aimed at sustainable growth while satisfying both ecology and economy demands.
Environment Vision 2020

 Kyocera Group Global Environmental Policy
The Kyocera Group has established the Kyocera Group Global Environmental Policy, which sets yearly targets to be attained in the four areas of greenhouse gases, energy, water, and industrial waste.

In all production sites, the greenhouse effect gas emissions, energy consumption, water consumption, and industrial waste discharge will be reduced by 1% or more from a year earlier in terms of energy consumption unit improvement rate.
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