Kyocera's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities

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Kyocera's CSR Activities Through practice of the Kyocera Philosophy we work to expand our business and contribute to the healthy development of society

Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The Kyocera Group's CSR activities are based on the Kyocera Philosophy, which uses as its decision-making criterion the principle to "Do what is right as a human being." Through our Kyocera Philosophy, we work to advance our corporate citizenship, build relationships of mutual trust with stakeholders, and aim for sustainable growth. At the same time, we endeavor to contribute to The healthy development of society.

Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Key Topics in Corporate Citizenship

Measures to Save Energy, Mitigate Climate Change, and Prevent Pollution

The Kyocera Group carries out environmental activities aimed at sustainable development through the pursuit of both ecological and economical initiatives. We have been especially active in taking measures for energy conservation and climate change mitigation, such as installing rooftop solar power generation systems and energy-saving equipment, and growing "Green Curtains" over the windows and outer walls of company facilities to reduce air conditioner loads. We also contribute to the community through biodiversity conservation. In recognition of these efforts, Kyocera has received the Environment Minister's Award for Global Warming Prevention Activity for a record sixth consecutive year in Japan.

  • Rooftop solar power generation system(Kagoshima Sendai Plant)

    Rooftop solar power generation system
    (Kagoshima Sendai Plant, Japan)

  • Growing Green Curtains(Fukushima Tanagura Plant)

    Growing "Green Curtains"
    (Nagano Okaya Plant, Japan)

  • Biotope (habitat) using treated plant process wastewater(Kagoshima Kokubu Plant)

    Biotope (habitat) using treated plant process wastewater
    (Kagoshima Kokubu Plant, Japan)

Promoting Employee Initiatives

Kyocera aims to build a corporate culture that allows each employee to work happily by bringing out the unique talents of diverse individuals. Toward this end, Kyocera engages in various activities including international training, promoting local staff to management positions, and developing systems of support for those raising children and caring for the elderly.

  • Overseas training program

    Overseas training program

  • Committee for the advancement of women

    Committee for the advancement of women

Social Responsibility in the Supply Chain

We work with our business partners to promote corporate social responsibility and ensure that human rights, labor rights, and the environment are protected throughout our supply chain.

  • Seminar for suppliers

    Seminar for suppliers

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