Our Solution Kyocera has been concerned with eco-friendliness long before the beginning of the " Environmental Age, " and We are taking on challenges in a growing number of fields, from solar power and beyond.

Kyocera’s CSR Activities


The Basis of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Since the company was established, Kyocera has followed its Management Rationale, “To provide opportunities for the material and intellectual growth of all our employees, and through our joint efforts, contribute to the advancement of society and humankind.EManagement is based on the Kyocera Philosophy, which uses the concept, “Do what is right as a human beingEas our decision-making criterion.

For the Kyocera Group, CSR is not a new idea. It is nothing other than an application of the basis of our management — the Kyocera Philosophy. Application of the Kyocera Philosophy builds mutual trust between the people who have a stake in the company. Ultimately, this contributes to the sustainable development of the Kyocera Group and the healthy development of society.

Business Activities that Promote High Profitability

Corporations have an obligation to provide better products and services, thereby contributing to improving the quality of life for all members of society. They also have an obligation to give back to society some of the profits thus obtained, through taxes and other means. Increasing profits raises the stability of a corporation, and therefore raises the value that can be returned to society. This is one reason why Kyocera always strives to be highly profitable.

Activities that Contribute to Society

The Kyocera Group believes creating products and services that are useful to people contributes to the advancement of society and humankind. We believe corporations are also members of this society. The Kyocera Group therefore endeavors to find solutions to issues affecting communities and society. Additionally, we contribute to cultural and academic activities and the arts.

Environmental Protection Activities

Environmental protection is among the essential challenges in ensuring the continued existence of humankind. Acknowledging this situation, the Kyocera Group is active in the development of environmentally friendly products. In addition, wastewater from our plants is purified until it is cleaner than mandated by all applicable codes and regulations.

Corporate Transparency

The Kyocera Group has always engaged in business activity with a high level of transparency based on universal ethics. Furthermore, through the prompt disclosure of information, we have tried to keep society as a whole informed about the state of the Kyocera Group — thereby increasing trust.

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