Solar Power by Kyocera Realizing the possibilities of sunlight as a future energy source, Kyocera built an early track record of innovation in solar power technology.


For Our World and Our Future

Spreading a Beacon of Hope Worldwide

Kyocera has installed solar power generating systems in countries across the globe through the Japanese government’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) and other programs. We have used solar power to light up homes and improve people’s lives in regions lacking power infrastructure.

In our first ODA project in 1983, we installed solar panels in a non-electrified village in Pakistan. We have since provided a variety of systems in nations such as Myanmar, Vietnam and Mongolia. We have also recently donated solar power generating systems to schools in Tanzania, Nepal and Uganda. These systems were installed in more than 40 schools.

Contributing to World Peace Through Solar Power

As a new international framework to prevent climate change, the Paris Agreement went into effect in November 2016. The agreement determines that the international community, including emerging and developing nations, make efforts to prevent climate change. Meanwhile, in Japan, renewable energy including solar power is increasing its role as the nation aims to achieve its 2030 energy mix target.

Now is the time to devote all our efforts into expanding the use of solar power. Kyocera will continue to enhance its technology and spread the use of solar power so that people all over the world can receive the benefits of energy produced from virtually limitless sunlight.

Preserving a Beautiful Earth for Future Generations:
The Joy of Harnessing Energy

Maintaining a beautiful Earth for future generations is our responsibility today. With solar power generating systems, everyone can harness clean energy close at hand by setting up solar panels. Solar power generating systems provide a new way of life in which the bounty of the sun meets the wisdom of humanity.

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