A Message from Kyocera

The future of the Earth, and all life on it, depends directly on the power of the sun.

Kyocera realized early on that solar power could benefit people all over the world. Since 1975,
we have been involved in the research, development and promotion of solar power generating systems.

Solar electricity produces no carbon dioxide or other “greenhouses gases.”
For this reason, interest in solar power is growing as society seeks alternatives to petroleum,
coal and other fossil fuels that are suspected contributors to climate change.

Using solar power is an easy way for everyone on Earth to lead better lives.
After all, the power of the sun is humanity’s lifeline and the key to our future.

As a pioneer in solar power technology,
Kyocera launched the Solar Power Expo Web site to show how we harness the power of the sun
to ensure a brighter future for everyone on Earth.

January 2011