Promoting Eco-Friendliness with a Solar Powered Recharging System for Electric Bicycles

Kyocera developed and markets the Solar Cycle Station, an eco-friendly recharging system for electric bicycles that utilizes Kyocera's high-power solar modules.

The Solar Cycle Station is a recharging system that uses electricity generated by solar modules to charge the batteries of electric bicycles. Kyocera Communication Systems Co., Ltd. (KCCS), a member of the Kyocera Group, engages in the sales and installation of these systems in Japan, and promotes their use for a wide range of locations such as local government buildings, commercial shopping centers, workplaces, schools and tourist areas.

New use of solar power

Based on the concepts of eco-friendliness and better health, electric bicycles are quickly gaining in popularity

With more people paying attention to their own health and fitness, and a greater awareness of the environment, sales of electric bicycles have been increasing in Japan.

In Japan, the electric bicycle market is expanding as the number of shipments surpassed that of mopeds in 2008 and increased about 1.5 times in 2009 compared with that of five years ago.

As use of these bicycles is expected to spread even further through local government support and rental services in tourist areas, the demand for maintenance and expansion of recharging stations will also rise.

To help establish a wider recharging station infrastructure, the Kyocera Group is proposing the Solar Cycle Station solution, which is inexpensive, easy to deploy and environmentally friendly.Key Features of the Solar Cycle Station

Promoting an eco-friendly society through Kyocera Group synergy

Kyocera supplies high-quality solar products to the market by conducting all manufacturing in-house from the processing of raw materials to making solar cells and assembling the final products in our fully integrated manufacturing process. In addition, KCCS has advanced technology, developed through years of experience, to construct solar power generating systems. The Kyocera Group is leveraging its overall strength and working to expand the use of solar power.