Partnership with Japan-based AEON Shopping Malls

Kyocera and AEON, who both share the goals of environmental protection through reducing CO2 emmissions and improving upon the products and services they offer to their customers, are working together to spread and promote the use of solar power.

In addition to conventional sales routes for residential-use solar power generating systems, Kyocera is now able to propose a new eco-friendly lifestyle through solar power use to AEON shopping center customers and through promotions to AEON Card members.

Specifically, we will be expanding solar sales stores inside of AEON shopping centers throughout Japan to introduce solar power generating systems to more customers while providing them with detailed explanations so that they can learn more about Kyocera's solar energy solutions.

Kyocera solar sales store

Kyocera solar sales store

Management & business philosophies in harmony

Management philosophy and business philosophy resonate

The deeply engrained concepts in our management philosophy of "contributing to the advancement of society and humankind" and our business philosophy of "protecting the environment and improving people's lives through the use of solar energy," which we have consistently followed in the 35 years since we started developing solar power techonolgy, have deeply resonated with AEON's own way of thinking about the environment and its corporate stance.

Our Reliability

Highly reliable multicrystalline silicon solar cells

In the production of multicrystalline silicon solar cells, our products have been recognized for their high reliability and high quality which is made possible through our fully integrated manufacturing process, from raw materials (silicon casting) to final products (module assembly).

Full-service network through the industry’s only development of franchise stores

With the industry's only franchise store network, our integrated support system in Japan from sales to construction and after-service is proven to improve customer satisfaction based on peace of mind and reliability. At Kyocera we provide full support to our customers with a 24-hour call center, 8 bases and 88 designated service shops across Japan.