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Fast Recovery Diodes

What Are Fast Recovery Diodes?

Fast recovery diodes are PN junction diodes with the same structure and function as general rectifier diodes. While general rectifier diodes are suitable for commercial frequency rectification, fast recovery diodes are suitable for high frequency rectification due to their fast reverse recovery time (trr).


1. Fast reverse recovery time (trr)

As shown in the figure below, the reverse recovery time (trr) is faster than that of a general rectifier diode. Schottky barrier diodes are suitable for low-voltage switching circuits, whereas fast recovery diodes are suitable for high-voltage switching circuits.


2. Generally, the forward voltage (VF) characteristic is high.

There is a trade-off between reverse recovery time (trr) and forward voltage (VF), and fast recovery diodes have higher VF than conventional rectifier diodes. In recent years, however, products with significantly reduced VF have been developed.

Proper Use of Diodes

For a typical power supply circuit

Proper use of diodes

Kyocera's Fast Recovery Diodes

Kyocera Fast Recovery Diodes contribute to energy conservation in digital home appliances by manufacturing products that use our unique lifetime control technology.
We have an extensive lineup of products, including those that can operate at high temperatures with a Ti = 175 °C guarantee and those that are qualified by the automotive reliability standard AEC-Q 101.

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