KYOCERA Introduces One-Action-Lock FPC/FFC Connectors

New products bring 2x improvement in foreign matter removal performance

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KYOCERA Corporation (President: Hideo Tanimoto) today introduced its 6893 Series connectors for flexible printed circuit board (FPC) and flexible flat cable (FFC), featuring 0.5mm-pitch one-action locking, with samples available for shipping June 29, 2023. This new series offers a 2x improvement in foreign matter removal performance compared to our previous products, helping to prevent the FPC/FFC deposits that can cause contact failure after insertion.

Photo: 6893 Series

6893 Series

Product Overview
Product name 6893 Series
Pitch 0.5mm
Size Width: 5.15mm
Height: 2.8mm

Contact Location

Bottom contact
No. of Positions 10 to 60
Operating temperature range: -40℃ to +125℃
Features (1) Foreign matter removal contact pin
(2) One-action lock type
(3) Heat resistant to 125 degrees Celsius

One-action lock type FPC/FFC connectors have evolved to meet the miniaturization and high-speed data transmission requirements of key market drivers, including office equipment, industrial equipment, and consumer electronics. Additionally, with the rapidly growing EV market, this technology has expanded into onboard electronics for electric vehicles as well.

In principle, the essential features of one-action lock-type connectors include labor savings through the automation of FPC/FFC insertion. However, in practice, foreign matter adhering to the FPC/FFC can cause contact failure, creating an obstacle to full automation. Kyocera's newly developed 6893 series has a proprietary contact-pin structure with twice the foreign-matter removal effectiveness of conventional Kyocera products. In addition to their one-action lock, which supports automation during FPC/FFC insertion and reduces labor requirements, this product also ensures better connection performance and reliability.

Kyocera will continue to expand its connector line, including FPC/FFC connectors, and will contribute to the electronics industry by creating products for rapidly changing market needs.

■Features of Kyocera's 6893 Series
Photo: Kyocera's Contact Pin Structure
Kyocera's Contact Pin Structure
1. Innovative pin structure improves foreign matter removal in electronics assembly 
In conventional FPC/FFC connectors, the pin and the FPC/FFC make contact at a single point during insertion to remove foreign matter adhering to the FPC/FFC. Kyocera's 6893 Series connectors achieve twice the foreign matter removal performance of previous Kyocera models by using our proprietary and patented contact pin structure, which provides two contact points in the same direction as the insertion point. With this structure, our new product ensures a superior electrical connection and reduces contact failure rates.

2. One-action insertion and locking for improved assembly efficiency
A typical FPC/FFC connector requires three assembly actions: (1) opening the lock, (2) inserting the FPC/FFC, and (3) closing the lock. For Kyocera's 6893 Series, the locking section structure has been drastically revised to allow the connector side protrusion that fits into the FPC/FFC to lock automatically when you insert FPC/FFC. This structure enables the FPC/FFC to be locked in a single operation (one action) by inserting the FPC/FFC, reducing assembly labor by two-thirds. Kyocera's 6893 Series also supports automated assembly by robots.

3. High heat resistance for automotive applications
Kyocera's 6893 Series are heat-resistant up to 125 degrees Celsius and mountable on in-vehicle devices such as HUDs, clusters, and CIDs with strict high-temperature compliance.

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