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Work Earnestly

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Work has more than just material value. Of course, work provides the income we need to survive, but the true essence of work is far more valuable than this. Working earnestly and achieving success as the fruit of our efforts brings a sense of fulfillment that is fundamentally different than the joy we get through hobbies or leisure. Work undertaken diligently helps to elevate our consciousness and build the character necessary to become effective leaders in organizations and society.

As generative AI changes the nature of work, there will surely be opportunities to reallocate menial tasks to computers. However, that doesn't mean we should develop an apathetic attitude toward our work; in fact, the opposite is true. We should pour ourselves into the kind of creative efforts that can only be fulfilled by people and develop new solutions that benefit those around us. AI will help bring better work-life balance to millions. But the essence of work, the real reasons why we work, and the benefits we derive from work deserve our appreciation now more than ever before.