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Wisdom from Kazuo Inamori: How to Turn Your Conviction into Courage

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Courage Springs from Strong and Sincere Conviction
Excerpt from "A Compass to a Wonderful Life" by Kazuo Inamori, Founder of Kyocera Corporation.

When trying something challenging and creative in the business world, we are bound to encounter many obstacles. People who produce exceptional work are those who are inspired by sincere conviction to overcome those obstacles. Working in any creative field is like groping in the dark. When you can't see where you're going, you need a light to illumine the path so that you can keep pursuing your goal. Conviction is that light.

The more creative the field, the more imperative it is that you have unswerving conviction. Through its light you will be able to continue down that path until you achieve success. But what kind of convictions should we have?

The more creative the field The British philosopher James Allen (1864-1912) captured this principle perfectly in his work As a Man Thinketh.
The pure man is more capable, and therefore more fit to succeed in his plans and to accomplish his purposes than the impure. Where the impure man fails, the pure man will step in and be victorious, because he directs his energies with a calmer mind and a greater definiteness and strength of purpose.

When I first encountered these words, they struck me as a brilliant expression of one of the truths of life. I have met people who don't look particularly clever yet who deliberately take risks based on their convictions and who, after working harder than anyone else, end up succeeding. I have also encountered people who are intelligent and extremely talented, who use their wisdom to make careful judgements as they move forward, yet whose efforts fail. What causes this difference? I believe it is a pure, strong thought. The conviction such a thought generates is far more powerful than any cleverly devised strategy or tactic.

I urge the young people of the world, who must shoulder its future, to believe in the power of conviction. Strive constantly and sincerely, motivated by pure and intense conviction. To live your very best with this kind of attitude will not only result in a rich and rewarding life but also in a more virtuous and prosperous society.