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Inappropriate Listing of Certain Chemical Products as Receiving Certification from Third Party Organization

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Kyocera Corporation (President: Hideo Tanimoto, hereinafter "Kyocera") today announced that certain chemical products were improperly identified by Kyocera as receiving certification from Underwriters Laboratories (hereinafter, "UL"), a third-party safety science organization in the United States. Regarding flame retardancy and insulation properties of 6 chemical products listed below, Kyocera has learned of internal improprieties relating to its testing and certification program, which include the case that the samples submitted to UL for testing were different than the manufactured products sold to customers.

Products impacted by this announcement and the applicable UL standard include:

1. UL94 - flame retardancy (five products):
Casting resins, Premix molding materials, Phenolic molding materials, Resin board for electronic products, Epoxy molding compounds for semiconductors

2. UL1446 - insulation properties (one product):

These products were supplied to approximately 160 customers who have already been notified. Immediately after these issues were discovered, the company stopped accepting new orders from customers. Although Kyocera has not received any reports of problems with the affected products related to this testing, the company will continue the investigation about these issues, which includes the influence that these issues exert on the supply chain.

Taking this seriously, the company will establish a special investigation committee composed of outside experts to identify the cause of this issue and to develop preventive measures to restore trust as we work to be accountable to our customers.

At this point of time, any impact on the company's financials cannot be foreseen. However, any impact will be disclosed if there is an expectation that it will have a material effect on financial performance.

We extend deep apologies to all who are concerned for the inconveniences it may bring.

*The issues described above are internal improprieties of Kyocera. Thus, please do not contact UL regarding these issues. Any questions concerning this release should be directed to the contact below.

This news release is intended for media purposes, and is current of the date of publication. Information is subject to change without notice.