Important Notices

Information regarding compromise on FENICS

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Please be advised that the FENICS Internet service provided by Fujitsu Limited (hereafter "Fujitsu") was compromised in December 2022, according to a public notice by Fujitsu. Consequently, a part of email data sent in and out from the system for the service users, including Kyocera Corporation (hereafter "Kyocera") and some of the group companies (collectively "Kyocera Group") could have possibly leaked as a result of this incident. This data may include email addresses, users' names, and other data during the period in question.

Please refer below for details published by Fujitsu regarding the incident: (in Japanese)

The initial investigation conducted by Fujitsu could not conclusively identify the inclusion of compromised data sent in and out from the Kyocera Group users. At the same time, Kyocera has not confirmed if any third parties have illegitimately used the affected email data.

We sincerely apologize to those who may worry about it. We will further strengthen information security measurements.

Kyocera has reported the incident to the Personal Information Protection Commission Japan. If a new fact comes to light, the company will disclose it immediately.

For further information, please contact:

(Please enter "FENICS" in the subject line of your inquiry)