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 Kyocera Philosophy Education: Basic Concept and Structure
photo:Group-Wide Philosophy Committee

Group-Wide Philosophy Committee
In the Kyocera Group, a variety of education programs are provided to each employee to familiarize them with the Kyocera Philosophy, realize the global growth of the Group through diligent efforts, and with originality and ingenuity, help all employees feel happy working for the Group in order to foster human resources capable of supporting the growth and development of society and humankind.

We regularly hold the Group-Wide Philosophy Committee headed by Kyocera's chairman which formulates the policies for Philosophy education and examines and determines measures to promote understanding of the Philosophy and reinforce its practice.

 Application of Kyocera Philosophy Education
The Kyocera Group is expanding Kyocera Philosophy Education on a global basis in accordance with the policy of the Group-Wide Philosophy Committee. In Japan, we have individual programs to be carried out by each department, site, or Group company based on their own respective business conditions, and a company-wide program that supports each of these programs. The individual program conducted by each department, site, or Group company in their own way is mainly focused on Philosophy diffusion activities from the viewpoint of the frontline people. The company-wide program is set to a standard study theme to create a sense of Group unity and fostering of people capable of contributing to company management. In FY2017, education was provided on the themes of "realize management by all" and "implementation of the management rationale." Outside Japan, education and training is provided according to the two types of programs, or locally tuned individual programs and the standard program, like in Japan.
Diagram of the Kyocera Philosophy Education System
Diagram of the Kyocera Philosophy Education System
Philosophy Education by each Department, Site or Group Company
The Kyocera Group has in place individual education programs conducted by each department, site, or Group company. Inside Japan, an organization that promotes diffusion activities of the Kyocera Philosophy is set up in each department, and opportunities are provided where leaders of those organizations gather to share their experiences related to Philosophy practice and discuss specific examples. Outside Japan, local education managers take the initiative and promote activities that match the local culture and practice. In FY2017, we prepared teaching materials newly translated in to Korean, Thai, German, Spanish and Danish and improved the teaching materials in local languages and education curriculums that match the local conditions.

One Approach

Activities of Group Companies in Korea
Kyocera Document Solutions Korea Co., Ltd. holds a book report contest after reading books by Kyocera founder Kazuo Inamori published in Korean to help employees learn the Kyocera Philosophy and reflect on their own work. They honor employees who write the most excellent reports with awards, and the awardees present their reports in front of all the employees. Kyocera Precision Tools Korea Co., Ltd. set up a project team staffed by local employees to translate the Kyocera Philosophy Pocketbook from Japanese to Korean. The translated Pocketbook is used in various ways including readings at workplaces.
photo:Presentation of reports
Presentation of reports
photo:Philosophy Pocketbook in Korean
Philosophy Pocketbook in Korean

Group-Wide Common Philosophy Education Programs

The Kyocera Group (Japan) provides Philosophy education to all employees to nurture a sense of unity in the Group. Meant to renew awareness of the importance of the Philosophy, education programs provided in FY2017 are about Philosophy themes particularly important when employees voluntarily practice the Philosophy at their respective workplaces. Since tasks and problems differ depending on the role or position, programs are optimized by hierarchy to provide appropriate education to each level of employee.

Vitality Promoting Activity

Kyocera's department in charge of education supports Philosophy education of departments and Group companies by planning individual training programs or providing teaching materials to help change the consciousness of each employee and vitalize the organization.

FY2017 Results of Kyocera Philosophy Education (Japan)
  Group-Wide Common Philosophy Education Programs
(Top Management / Mid-Level Employee / Employee)
Philosophy Education (Part-Time Employee)
Total number of participants 51,012 6,533
Training hours and times per employee 1.5 hours 2 1 hours 2
Performance data of the "company-wide program"

Global Philosophy Seminar

For overseas Group companies, Global Philosophy Seminars are held for top management and executives in the Europe, U.S.A., China, and Asia Pacific. As in Japan, these seminars are provided to help foreign employees earnestly learn the Kyocera Philosophy, reconfirm what an ideal leader is, and have a better understanding of the type of leadership required to achieve management goals.

Results of FY2017 Global Philosophy Seminars
Region Venue(s) Schedule No. of participants
Europe Amsterdam April 2016 87
U.S.A. San Diego, Greenville, etc. September 2016 and
March 2017
China Shanghai, Shilong, etc. August and September 2016 518
Asia Pacific Singapore, Bangkok, etc. August 2016 120
Total 956
photo:Participants listening to a lecture (China)

Participants listening to a lecture (China)
photo:Group discussion (Europe)

Group discussion (Europe)

Development of philosophy education staff
Kyocera holds workshops for education staff of our sites in Europe, U.S.A., China, and Asia Pacific to support the global spread of Philosophy education. The workshops are intended to help education personnel of each area have a better understanding of Philosophy diffusion activities and share each area's problems and response measures to ultimately reinforce cooperation among the personnel. We intend to establish a system where local education personnel can design their own programs and operate them to vitalize the permeation activities of those areas. photo:Workshop for education staff

Workshop for education staff

Diffusion Activities Based on Kyocera Group Philosophy Essays
The Kyocera Group (in Japan) annually asks for Kyocera Group Philosophy Essays from employees in order for them to reflect on their own experiences with the Kyocera Philosophy, have a clear awareness of the necessity of practical implementation of the Philosophy, and master it. This essay contest has been in place since FY1991. Some overseas Group companies also conduct the same contest.

Essays submitted by employees are reviewed and the authors of selected essays are awarded the Chairman Emeritus' Prize, the Chairman's Prize or the President's Prize.

In addition, some overseas Group companies are also engaged in spreading of Philosophy essays. A Group company in China started to invite contributions of Philosophy essays in FY2008 and published a collection of excellent essays. Furthermore, some Group companies in the U.S.A., Europe, and Asia also hold Philosophy Essay Contests.
photo:Awarding of excellent essays

Awarding of excellent essays
photo:Collection of Philosophy essays edited in Japan and China

Collection of Philosophy essays edited in Japan and China

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