GRI and ISO26000 Comparison Tables

The Kyocera Group strives to report in conformity to international standards and refers to core subjects of GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), GRI Standard (2016), and ISO26000: 2010.

GRI Guideline ISO26000

Core Subjects Issues References
Organizational Governance -
Top Management Message
Kyocera Group Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Corporate Governance
Human Rights
1.   Due diligence
2.   Human rights risk situations
3.   Avoidance of complicity
4.   Resolving grievances
5.   Discrimination and vulnerable groups
6.   Civil and political rights
7.   Economic, social and cultural rights
8.   Fundamental principles and rights at work
Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion
Risk Management and Compliance
Supply Chain Management
Labour Practices
1.   Employment and employment relationships
2.   Conditions of work and social protection
3.   Social dialogue
4.   Health and safety at work
5.   Human development and training in the workplace
Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion
Cultivation of Human Resources
Building a Safe & Secure Work Environment
The Environment
1.   Prevention of pollution
2.   Sustainable resource use
3.   Climate change mitigation and adaptation
4.   Protection of the environment, biodiversity and restoration of natural habitats
Kyocera Group Environmental Basic Philosophy and Policy
Green Management
Green Products
Green Factories
Green Communication
Fair Operating Practices
1.   Anti-corruption
2.   Responsible political involvement
3.   Fair competition
4.   Promoting social responsibility in the value chain
5.   Respect for property rights
Promotion of Green Procurement
Risk Management and Compliance
Supply Chain Management
Consumer Issues
1.   Fair marketing, factual and unbiased information and fair contractual practices
2.   Protecting consumers' health and safety
3.   Sustainable consumption
4.   Consumer service, support, and complaint and dispute resolution
5.   Consumer data protection and privacy
6.   Access to essential services
7.   Education and awareness
Promotion of Green Procurement
Risk Management and Compliance
Supply Chain Management
Customer Concerns
Community Involvement and Development
1.   Community involvement
2.   Education and culture
3.   Employment creation and skills development
4.   Technology development and access
5.   Wealth and income creation
6.   Health
7.   Social investment
Green Communication
Social Contribution Activities
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