Goals and Results of CSR Activities

Important CSR themes Main activities(FY2019) Relevance to the SDGs Details
Respect for Human Rights/Promotion of Diversity
Establishment of the Diversity Promotion Division
Promotion of various action plans to foster female managers
Implementation of e-learning programs on diversity, including LGBT
Setting of an employment rate target of people with disabilities and the promotion of necessary actions
Active acceptance of work experience of various people, through coordination with local communities and relevant organizations
Expansion of the number of employees dispatched for language training programs
Implementation of cross-cultural understanding training programs
Thorough risk assessment to reduce work-related accidents (system reinforcement and skill improvement of risk assessors)
Total health promotion (THP) activities
Kyocera Group Health and Productivity Management Declaration, and the acceleration of antismoking efforts
Diversity Promotion Activities
Cultivation of Human Resources
Building a Safe & Secure Work Environment
Environmental Activities
Setting of a long-term environmental target (a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by FY2030 from the FY2013 level)
Certification from the Science Based Targets (SBT) Initiative for the long-term environmental target
Promotion of environmental performance improvement activities
Item FY2019 result
(in comparison to the FY2018 level)
Greenhouse gas emissions (basic unit) A reduction by 8.8%
Energy consumption (basic unit) A reduction by 2.1%
Water consumption (basic unit) A reduction by 4.8%
Industrial waste production (basic unit) A reduction by 12.2%
Implementation of on-site eco-lessons on the environment and energy for children (participants: 3,295 children in Japan and 815 children in China)
Implementation of forestation activities (in Nagano, Shiga, Kyoto and Kagoshima prefectures)
Participation in a tree-planting event (in Thailand) and an environmental awareness development event (in Mexico)
Green Management
Green Products
Green Factories
Green Communication
Fair Business Activities
Implementation of risk assessment at subsidiaries of Kyocera Group companies (outside of Japan)
Enhancement of information security against cyber-attacks and internal fraud
Strengthening of risk assessment controls on electronic information security
Continued implementation of business continuity plan (BCP) activities based on international/industrial standards
Expansion of BCP activities to reduce the risk of damage to electronic information security caused by windstorm/flood or cyber-attacks
Investigation of BCP initiatives of suppliers
Training programs at Kyocera Group companies (outside of Japan) to promote customer examination management
Expanded legal audit of business processes at Kyocera Group companies (in Japan)
Holding of supplier seminars and social gathering events (for 292 persons from 235 business associates in total)
Surveys on CSR activities in the supply chain
Risk Management and Compliance
Supply Chain Management
Approaches to Raising
Quality and Customer
Satisfaction Levels
Continued improvement of indicators of customer satisfaction and quality levels
Information sharing, analysis of problems and their causes, and the implementation of necessary measures by the CS Improvement Committee
Start of a data scientist training project and the implementation of new approaches for quality improvement
Approaches to Raising Quality and Customer Satisfaction Levels
Social Contribution Activities
Supported the Inamori Foundation's "Kyoto Prize" to honor those who achieved outstanding success in the fields of Advanced Technology, Basic Sciences, Arts and Philosophy
Holding of Promenade Through Kyoto in Watercolors (a special watercolor painting exhibition) and the Japan Ceramics Society Encouragement Prize Kansai Exhibition at the Kyocera Gallery, as an opportunity for young artists to exhibit their work
Invitation of the Vietnam cultural exchange tour delegation, consisting of 12 Vietnamese junior high school students and three Vietnamese teachers this year, to help increase their understanding of Japan's advanced technology and culture
Social Contribution Activities

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