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Key Technologies

Automotive Camera

Automotive camera modules are installed on the vehicle to support various functions including e-mirror displays and 360-degree surround view. The automotive camera modules can also be integrated with AI object recognition to help the driver easily identify obstacles on the road.

By integrating AI object detection technology with these automotive camera modules, in the future Kyocera will be able to provide comprehensive automotive safety solutions and help support the development of autonomous driving.


Advanced high-definition E-mirror displays replace traditional optical mirrors for the car’s rear and side-view mirrors. E-mirrors provide significant safety advantages over optical mirrors, such as glare reduction. They can also be integrated with AI object detection technology so the driver can more easily recognize obstacles and other cars.

Head-Up Display

The head-up display, developed using Kyocera’s high performance liquid crystal display technology, supports driver navigation by projecting road instructions directly onto the dashboard. Integrating AI object recognition can enhance driver safety by providing advance warning for upcoming obstacles and, through integration of IoT solutions in the future such as V2X technology, the car will be able to communicate with surrounding roadside infrastructure to further improve road navigation and safety.

Automotive LCDs

Center Display with “HAPTIVITY®

The center information display (CID) uses a high definition LCD screen featuring Kyocera’s patented “HAPTIVITY®” haptic feedback technology. “HAPTIVITY®” provides real touch feedback so the driver can feel more accurately when functions have been activated on the screen, allowing for greater ease-of-use and driver safety compared to traditional touch-screens. The CID also connects with the car’s camera modules to provide video display for reverse driving assistance and the potential for integration of AI object detection.

Driver Cluster Display

The cluster LCD display features a driver monitoring system that alerts the driver when they take their eyes off the road. The high definition display is also easy to view in all light conditions and can provide more information and customization than traditional static dashboards.

Project Story

Yasushi Nakajima
Manager, Mobility Promotion Section

While Kyocera has a strong position in the automotive market for components such as ceramic packages, we also have a wide variety of functional automotive products, like liquid crystal displays and camera modules, which could also be Tier 1 in the market. By promoting these functional products collectively on a real car, we hoped to create a stronger impact with our customers and demonstrate the strength of our advanced technological capabilities.

The concept of the car is “neo-futuristic which pursues the safety and security of the driver.” As such, we integrated several Kyocera products that promote better function and safety when on the road. For example, traditional optical mirrors were replaced with e-mirrors which can integrate additional safety functions, such as AI object detection, and we mounted a LCD meter cluster that integrates the car’s cameras with the driver monitoring system. We also replaced the center dashboard with a touch-screen panel which uses Kyocera’s patented “HAPTIVITY®” feedback technology to improve device navigation.

At some times it was a challenge for us technically to accomplish device integration since we are mainly specialists in product engineering. So while officially the goal of this project was to promote our technology, internally we were also able to improve our technical skills for device integration. We think this will be a key factor for growing Kyocera’s automotive solutions business in the future.

Kyocera-GLM Concept Car

In 2018, Kyocera partnered with GLM. Co., Ltd., a Kyoto, Japan-based electric vehicle manufacturing start-up, to develop the Kyocera Concept Car. Using GLM's "Tommykaira ZZ" electric car as the base design, Kyocera R&D engineers, in collaboration with GLM, integrated Kyocera's advanced automotive devices into the car in order to enhance the interior design and functionality as well as improve driver safety. The resulting Kyocera Concept Car was featured with high acclaim at several major technology trade-shows and exhibitions throughout Japan.

To learn more about the Kyocera Concept Car and Kyocera’s advanced automotive devices, please inquire below.