Ceramic Packages


Kyocera's extrusion and machining processes ensure ceramic ferrules with high concentricity at both ends, and high-precision inner and outer diameters. Ferrules are used for applications including optical connectors, attenuators and fiber stubs.

Available in custom and standard designs.

Standard Products List (316KB)

Extrusion Process: High Concentricity at Both Ends

Concentricity and Connection Loss: Extrusion Process vs Injection Process

  • Kyocera's Extrusion Process

    High Concentricity at Both Ends

    Low-Loss Connection

  • Competitor's Injection Process



Click here to view a video of the extrusion process.

Extrusion Process (Process Flow)

Low Connection Loss: Dimensional Accuracy

  • Inner Diameter

  • Concentricity

  • Outer Diameter

Ferrule Tip Profiles

Custom tips are also available.

  • Flat

  • PC: R20
    * R10-30 available

  • Step

  • Angle

  • Pencil

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