Ceramic Packages


Kyocera's extrusion and machining processes ensure ceramic ferrules with high concentricity at both ends, and high-precision inner and outer diameters. Ferrules are used for applications including optical connectors, attenuators and fiber stubs.

Available in custom and standard designs.

Standard Products List (850KB)

By using highly precise ceramic processing techniques, Kyocera provides products, equipment parts and jigs to meet the various needs of our customers.

Extrusion Process: High Concentricity at Both Ends

Concentricity and Connection Loss: Extrusion Process vs Injection Process

  • Kyocera's Extrusion Process

    High Concentricity at Both Ends

    Low-Loss Connection

  • Competitor's Injection Process



Click here to view a video of the extrusion process.

Extrusion Process (Process Flow)

Low Connection Loss: Dimensional Accuracy

  • Inner Diameter

  • Concentricity

  • Outer Diameter

Ferrule Tip Profiles

Custom tips are also available.

  • Flat

  • PC: R20
    * R10-30 available

  • Step

  • Angle

  • Pencil

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