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Contributing to the advancement and development of humankind and society through practice of the Kyocera Philosophy
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Correct Application of the Concept, “Do What is Right as a Human Being”
At the heart of Kyocera Group management is the corporate philosophy known as the Kyocera Philosophy, which emphasizes the importance of fair business based on ethical, moral and social standards that people should uphold throughout life. Ultimately, it comes down to one criterion for making decisions: “What is the right thing to do as a human being?”

To realize our corporate philosophy, Kyocera developed a unique management control method known as the Amoeba Management System. With this system in place, Kyocera promotes a management method in which all employees can participate. Furthermore, Kyocera believes in highly transparent corporate activity with timely disclosure of information to customers, employees, shareholders, investors, business associates, and all other stakeholders.

For the Kyocera Group, CSR is tantamount to the practice of the Kyocera Philosophy — the heart of Kyocera Group management. We believe practice of the Kyocera Philosophy builds mutual trust with stakeholders, and contributes to sustainable growth for the Kyocera Group, as well as the overall development of society. We will continue to engage in corporate management through practice of the Kyocera Philosophy.

Kyocera will contribute to the advancement and development of humankind and society through practice of the Kyocera Philosophy.

Contributions to Society through Business Activities
Modern society faces various challenges including economic globalization, diversification of people’s values, an increase in energy demand, climate change, and growth of the global population. The Kyocera Group is working on business expansion with an emphasis on such growing markets as Information & Communications, Automotive, Environment & Energy, and Medical & Healthcare. We also reinforce development of various technologies and products to realize diffusion and expansion of IoT (Internet of Things) with the aim of delivering benefits to society through our corporate activities.

In the Information & Communications market, we endeavor to develop high value-added products that can satisfy the various needs of the market, including functional enhancement and diversification of digital consumer devices such as smartphones, and meeting the increasing demands for capacity enlargement and acceleration of data transmission in various industries. Utilizing our proprietary technology, we deliver new types of communication and information equipment that are unique to those of competitors in the market so as to provide consumers with products that satisfy needs such as comfort of operation or ease of use.

In the Automotive market, we are reinforcing our organizational preparedness by establishing a cross-departmental organization in order to cope with the expectations of the market — including computerization of onboard devices, environmental friendliness, and automated driving. In addition, we take various actions to expand applications for existing products, develop new customers, and to accelerate new product development through reinforcement of technical development and collaboration with customers, thereby contributing to the realization of an environmentally conscious, safe and comfortable driving experience.

In the Environment & Energy market, we are determined to help create a society in coexistence with the environment by working on energy creation with solar power generating systems and fuel cells, energy storage with battery units, and encouragement of energy efficiency through energy management systems. To be specific, we endeavor to improve the conversion efficiency of solar modules, market high-efficiency fuel cell systems, and expand large-capacity battery systems in response to growing demands for greater self-sufficiency in electric power usage. In addition, we are reinforcing system development to facilitate stable supply of power and power saving.

In the Medical & Healthcare market, we are engaged in business expansion of medical materials such as artificial joints as well as working towards technological synergy covering everything from materials to components and systems. Furthermore, we promote cooperation with specialized institutes so as to develop innovative products and technologies, thereby ultimately contributing to the improvement of people’s quality of life and the advancement of the medical field.

Handling of Global CSR Issues
In order for the Kyocera Group to compete globally and continue its high-rate of growth, we believe it is essential to further reinforce our own management foundation and conduct locally rooted business activities while ensuring compliance with international norms and standards; respecting diversity including local customs and cultures, and environmental harmony.

The Kyocera Group is an active member of the UN Global Compact, the basic rules on human rights, labor, the environment and prevention of corruption, and conducts positive activities towards the resolution of CSR issues.
For environmental protection, we actively work on not only the development of environmentally friendly products but also continually work on energy saving at production sites and prevention of climate change while looking to satisfy both ecology and economy according to our philosophy of “living together.” These actions have been duly evaluated by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment, and we have received the Minister of the Environment's Award for Global Warming Prevention Activity consecutively for six years since FY2011.

We will continue to meet the expectations of all stakeholders of the Kyocera Group, thus building relationships of mutual trust and contributing to the robust development of society.

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