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 Support of Environmental Education for Children
Kyocera Group “Eco-Lessons”
The Kyocera Group has conducted “Eco-Lessons”, a locally rooted social contribution activity, since FY2003, to help children, the next-generation of leaders, better understand environmental problems and energy, and recieve an environmentally friendly school education. Kyocera started Eco-Lessons in China too in FY2010 based on knowhow accumulated in Japan.

In FY2016, the Kyocera Group provided lessons to 13,117 students at 210 elementary schools around the Group’s 21 sites (in 11 prefectures). In China, Eco-Lessons were provided to 533 children at primary schools in Shanghai. The total number of students who took the lessons after FY2003 is 110,363.
Photo: Children enthusiastically taking a lesson (Japan)

Children enthusiastically taking a lessen (Japan)

Kyocera Group 'Eco-Lessons'
Kyocera Group Eco-Lessons

Cooperating with Environmental Awareness Event
Since 1996, Kyocera Mexicana, S.A. de C.V. has participated in an annual environmental education event organized by the Tijuana municipal government for local middle and high school students from Tijuana, where Kyocera operates a manufacturing plant, and its neighboring areas. Attracting roughly 20,000 participants, the event enlightens students about the importance of environmental protection as they learn about local environmental initiatives undertaken by companies and the government in an enjoyable way. Photo: Students learning at the Kyocera booth

Students learning at the Kyocera booth

 Activities Related to the Conservation of Biodiversity
Human society consists of various blessings from nature. On the other hand, forests equivalent to one fifth of Japan’s land area are lost from the world every year. It is also said that the effect of human activities over the last several hundreds of years has caused the extinction rate of species to be accelerated by 1,000 times. In these ways, circumstances surrounding biodiversity have become extremely serious.

In regards to the Kyocera Group’s business activities, while we are benefitting from the ecological system in the form of raw materials, its output has no small effect on biodiversity.

The Kyocera Group establishes working policies relating to the conservation of biodiversity on activities such as the reduction of destructive effects on the natural environment and on the ecological system, active promotion of greenification at Group facilities, and participation in and support of social contribution activities.

Promotion of Kyocera Forestation Activities
The Kyocera Group works on the prevention of climate change and the conservation of biodiversity. The Group also conducts activities to restore rich greenery in plant compounds and local forests to improve employee awareness of environmental protection.

Kyocera conducts forestation activities in Nagano, Kanagawa, Shiga, Kyoto, and Kagoshima prefectures (Japan), including thinning and bottom grass cutting together with local residents.
Photo: Employees taking part in forestation activity with local residents (Okaya City, Nagano Prefecture)

Employees taking part in forestation activity with local residents
(Okaya City, Nagano Prefecture)

Kyocera Forestation Activities
Kyocera Forestation Activities
Promoting Project Firefly
The Kagoshima Kokubu Plant launched Project Firefly in November 2009 in order to preserve the distinctive local biosphere around the manufacturing plant. With the cooperation of local firefly researchers, employees improved the environment around a pond in the plant premises to make it habitable. As a result, fireflies flew around the plant in May 2010, glowing brilliantly. We also endeavor to enhance the environmental awareness of employees through this project. Photo: A firefly in the plant compound
A firefly in the plant compound

Conducting Local Forestation Activity
Kyocera Crystal Device (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has actively engaged in local forestation activities in Lamphun Province and Chiang Mai Provinces of the northern part of Thailand since 2007. Timed to coincide with World Environment Day in June, the tree-planting involves local students and residents at places that need “greening” — such as schools, temples and public spaces. Organizers provide tree seedlings and conduct youth camps for people to learn about the environment. Photo: Engaging in tree planting with local residents

Engaging in tree planting with local residents

 Main Feedback on Sustainable Management

Minister of the Environment’s Commendation for Global Warming Prevention Activity Awarded to Kyocera Consecutively for Six Years

Kyocera received the Minister of the Environment’s Commendation for Global Warming Prevention Activity for our high-output solar module in 2010. Since then, we have been awarded the same prize consecutively for six years. In 2015, we were presented the commendation in the Action Results and Diffusion Category as a result of comprehensive evaluation of the Shiga Yasu Plant’s activities toward realization of low-carbon society including energy saving for production equipment in the plant and provision of environmentally themed Eco-Lessons to local elementary schools, in addition to energy saving and CO2 emission reduction benefits by the plant’s production of solar power cells. Photo: Award ceremony

Award ceremony

Awards Received Related to the Environment (FY2016)
Date Award Recipient
2015 Recycler of the Year KYOCERA Communications, Inc. (U.S.A.) (now KYOCERA International,Inc)
Encouragement Award, Osaka Environmental Award KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc. Group
Environmental Grand Prize by the Japan Cutting & Wear-resistant Tool Association Kagoshima Sendai Plant
Environmental Special Prize by the Japan Cutting & Wear-resistant Tool Association Nagano Okaya Plant and Shiga Yohkaichi Plant
3R Activity Excellent Establishment by Yokohama City Yokohama Office
Grand Prize (Manufacturing Industry Category) by Fukushima Protocol Business Commendation Fukushima Tanagura Plant
Practice Award, Yokohama Environmental Activity Award KYOCERA Connector Products Co., Ltd.
(now Yokohama Nakayama Office)

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