Environmental Activities

Image: Environmental Activities
Since foundation of the company, based on the corporate motto “Respect the Divine and Love People,” the Kyocera Group has focused all corporate activities on three pillars of coexistence (Living Together): Coexisting with Our Community, Coexisting with Global Society, and Coexisting with Nature. The entire Kyocera Group is committed to environmental management and aims for sustainable corporate development while striving to combine the goals of ecology and economy.
Kyocera Group Environmental Management Green Management Basis of Environmental Management Promotion
Kyocera Environmental Charter
Environment Vision 2020 / Kyocera Group Environmental Policy
Environmental Management Promotion System
Environmental Education
Environmental Risk Management
Environmental Accounting
Green Products Environmentally Friendly Products Green Factories Environmental Consciousness at Plants and Offices
Development of Environmentally Friendly Products
Kyocera Environmentally Friendly Products
Green Procurement
Energy Conservation and Prevention of Climate Change
Resource Conservation
Waste Reduction and Recycling Measures
Chemical Substances Management
Kyocera Group’s Environmental Impact at Each Site
Green Communication Transparency with Local Communities Regarding Environmental Matters    
Kyocera Group “Eco-Lessons”
Activities Related to the Conservation of Biodiversity
Providing Employees’ Families with Environmental Education and Awareness
Participation in Environmental Exhibitions and Events
Main Feedback for Sustainable Management
History of Environmental Activities

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