Approaches to Raising Quality and Customer Satisfaction Levels

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 Efforts to Improve Product Quality
Kyocera Quality Policy
The Kyocera Group has established the Kyocera Quality Policy to achieve production of quality goods that fully satisfy our customers’ needs.

We develop all our businesses on the basis of this Quality Policy, and aim to always be an enterprise that is worthy of trust throughout the world. Moreover, Kyocera is doing everything possible to think hard as early as in the planning stage and do the right job at the beginning in order to provide a high level of satisfaction to our customers.
Kyocera Quality Policy
1. Kyocera places top priority on our environmental management and product safety systems.
2. Kyocera provides products and services to our customers that exceed their expectations by putting them first.
3. Kyocera aims to be a world leader in quality by doing every job right the first time.

Quality Management Systems
Photo: Kyocera CS Improvement Committee

Kyocera CS Improvement Committee
The Kyocera Group holds meetings of the Kyocera CS Improvement Committee with the President serving as its chairman on a regular basis to improve the customer satisfaction indices, share quality information to prevent quality problems, and prevent the recurrence of quality-related problems. The company has established quality management systems based on ISO 9001, and each business unit sets its own quality targets and carries out quality improvements towards their achievement. Furthermore, these improvement activities are continuously being upgraded by holding various quality-related training programs. This training is designed to give employees field drills with the help of Kyocera style tree diagrams and help them enhance their practical capability that allows them to smoothly handle quality problems.
ISO 9001 Certification Status (pdf/29KB) PDF

 Efforts to Ensure Product Safety
Kyocera Product Safety Policy
Safety is the utmost priority for all products made or sold by Kyocera. Regardless of form or function, they must not endanger a person’s life or well-being, nor inflict damage on property. From this perspective, Kyocera has set a Product Safety Policy, in addition to its Quality Policy.

Kyocera established Product Safety System Guidelines as a concrete code of action at all levels of corporate activity. Additionally, the Guidelines for Product Safety Labeling serve as supplementary guidelines for understanding international standards relating to safety labels.
Kyocera Product Safety Policy
1. Kyocera is fully acquainted with the latest information related to product liability and product safety.
2. Kyocera maintains an industry-leading standard of product safety.
3. Kyocera systematically practices product safety in accordance with manuals.
Responses to Accidents Involving Products
We have established systems that allow the CS Division and Risk Management Division to gather information and implement countermeasures if a serious product accident occurs. We also notify the competent authority of such accidents and disclose information on our Web site.

Risk management and compliance (Risk Management Promotion)

 Approaches to Raising Customer Satisfaction Levels
Action by the Customer Support Center
The Kyocera Group operates a Customer Support Center (Call Center) to handle mainly matters concerning products for general consumers. By responding earnestly, correctly and promptly to customer inquiries, consultations, complaints and other issues, the Kyocera Group aims to raise the level of customer satisfaction.

Valuable information and inquiries received from our customers are promptly reported to top management and shared among the relevant business segments. The information received is used to improve the quality of our products and services.

In FY2016, Kyocera received 60,197 inquiries, about 2,000 more than in the previous year, mainly because of an increase in the number of questions on smartphone operation.

Safeguarding Customer Personal Information
In the Kyocera Group, the personal information of customers is as a rule obtained directly from customers, upon agreement with the customers, and only after clarification of the purpose for which it would be used is provided. Personal information stored by the Kyocera Group is handled appropriately in accordance with strict controls based on the Electronic Information Security Management Policy and associated regulations.

Efforts of Universal Design
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc. incorporates the concept of User Centered Design in its development process. Under this concept, users are always at the center of the life cycle of products such as printers and multifunctional products (MFPs), covering planning, design, production and sale; and products are designed based on information gathered from users and a good understanding of what they want.

Particularly in the design stage, it is important to understand customers’ needs and repeat the production and evaluation of prototypes. This is how the company realizes the supply of easy-to-use products and user-friendly services. Engineers and designers whose job is to develop products actually visit workplaces where people with disabilities work, as well as place themselves in wheelchairs or wear special kits in order to recreate the physical experience of elderly people so that they can better understand the needs of diverse people. What they learn is then incorporated into the verification and development of products.

Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.,User Centered Design External Sites
Photo: Wheelchair usability evaluation

Wheelchair usability evaluation

One Approach

Development of Antibacterial Artificial Hip Joints
Kyocera developed an antibacterial artificial hip joint that features both antibacterial performance and osteocompatibility jointly with Saga University. While surgical operations that replace deformed joints with artificial ones have become standard, there are still problems of postoperative complications not totally solved although the occurrence ratio of infection is in the low single digit percentile. To solve these problems, the newly developed sterilizing technology AG-PROTEX® features a high sterilization capability against many bacteria and applies coating of silver, a metal of low toxicity in the body, to the surface of an artificial joint. Kyocera is actively engaged in R&D that helps solve various medical problems in the future. photo: Artificial hip joint using antibacterial technology AG-PROTEX

Artificial hip joint using antibacterial technology AG-PROTEX®
Rugged Smartphone Won the Red Dot Design Award
Kyocera’s rugged smartphone DuraForce XD on sale in the U.S.A. won the Red Dot Design Award 2016, an international product design award sponsored by the Nordrhein Westfalen Design Center, Germany.

Candidates for this award are examined based on 9 criteria including innovativeness, functionality, ergonomics, ecology, and durability. DuraForce XD was evaluated for its design concept that makes it usable under harsh business environments, such as at worksites, and its sturdy and prominent design.
photo: High-durability smartphone DuraForce XD

High-durability smartphone DuraForce XD
Washable Smartphone DIGNO® rafre Commercialized
Kyocera commercialized a handsoap-washable smartphone called the DIGNO® rafre in December 2015. Kyocera’s waterproofing technology and high durability performance accumulated over years of effort make it possible to incorporate the handsoap-washable waterproofing feature and the hot-waterproofing feature to this smartphone. This product was created in response to the requests of customers who want to keep their smartphones clean, as they are usually used in contact with the skin and casually handled by children.

Kyocera intends to tackle development of various user-friendly products that satisfy customers’ demands.
photo: Washable smartphone DIGNO<sup>®</sup> rafre

Washable smartphone DIGNO® rafre
Color A4 Multifunctional Product TASKalfa 406ci Earns Highly Recommended Commendation
The color A4 multifunctional product (MFP) TASKalfa 406ci produced and sold by Kyocera Document Solutions Inc. was highly evaluated for its reliability by the U.S.-based independent survey organization Buyers Laboratory (BLI) and earned their Highly Recommended rating. The Highly Recommended rating is the top of five ranks of comprehensive evaluation. It is generally granted to a product after about two months of examination with wide-ranging tests including reliability, image quality, printing performance and scanning performance. TASKalfa 406ci was awarded the accolade for its easy and simple network settings, color reproducibility and operability. We are determined to create highly reliable products to satisfy customers’ needs. photo: Color A4 multifunctional product TASKalfa 406ci

Color A4 multifunctional product
TASKalfa 406ci
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