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a Realistic Tactile Sensation Technology.


HAPTIVITY® i, a Realistic Tactile Sensation Technology.


A new endeavor to combine cutting-edge IMSE® design technology with Kyocera's own innovations through collaboration with engineering teams.



Suvi Kela
TactoTek® (Finland)
Department / Position
Research & Development / Director
Favorite Words
Sisu* and collaboration

* A Finnish word meaning "courage, perseverance, and the ability to push through."

Contributing to the development of innovative IMSE® technology.

We, TactoTek®, are a Finnish growth company that provides solutions utilizing an advanced technology called IMSE®, i.e. Injection Molded Structural Electronics. In simple terms, IMSE® is a manufacturing technology that integrates printed circuitry and electronic components with plastics into injection-molded 3D smart surfaces. IMSE® outperforms conventional electronics manufacturing methods by reducing greenhouse gas emissions significantly and by enabling the design of thin, lightweight 3D parts. The technology can be used for manufacturing e.g., illuminated surfaces and human-machine interfaces (HMI) for automotive, smart home appliances, aviation, and other markets. We develop and industrialize IMSE® technology, create mass production-ready IMSE® prototypes, and license IMSE® technology for 3rd party IMSE® part design and global mass production. My role at TactoTek® is to lead the R&D team, where I am involved in developing the technology, creating TactoTek®’s intellectual property, introducing the technology to customers, and managing engineers.

Creating an environment where engineers can work together to develop new technologies.

My engineering career was born out of an interest in “how systems work," rather than in mechanics or technology. Now that I’m in a management position, I’m always conscious of "how to help the engineers work better together." What one engineer cannot do alone may be possible with someone helping. What we cannot do at our own company, we may be able to do with a partner company. Whenever we create something, it’s not "I" but "we" that’s important, and we focus on creating an environment where engineers openly share ideas, spar with each other, but in the end, find better solutions through cooperation. It gives me great pleasure to help engineers maximize their performance, and to work together with them to develop new technologies. In that sense, we share the same goal as Kyocera.

Promoting further technological development together with Kyocera.

Our partnership with Kyocera has enabled the development of a new product called HAPTIVITY® i, which combines Kyocera's haptic technology with our IMSE® technology. This technology generates vibrations when it senses that a panel or display is pressed, creating unprecedentedly realistic tactile sensations and responses. My dream for the future is to participate in enabling the breakthrough of our sustainable IMSE® technology. Our collaboration with Kyocera in HAPTIVITY® i is a tremendous opportunity to make a significant impact in the market. I also want as many people as possible, especially girls, to know how interesting engineering is. I hope to convey the fun of working as an engineer and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society with our technologies and products and continue working with Kyocera on the road to this dream.

For more information about HAPTIVITY® i and IMSE®:
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HAPTIVITY is a registered trademark of Kyocera Corporation in Japan, the United States, EU, UK, and China.

(Information as of January 2023)



“Energy Harvesting Smart Buoy" to Acquire Ocean Data Sustainably

Sakaguchi Daisaku
Organization for Marine Science and Technology, Vice-Director / Professor
Nagasaki University

Protecting the world's oceans through the visualization of ocean conditions to benefit not only the marine industry, but all of society.We at Nagasaki University are currently working with Kyocera to develop an Energy Harvesting Smart Buoy. This system can measure and communicate ocean data while generating electricity from tidal power to sustainably collect ocean data necessary for fisheries, such as changes in seawater temperature, ocean currents, and the amount of microplastics. The main goal of the project is