Commercial and Industrial Photovoltaic Module

Long-term Kyocera reliability

The origin of Kyocera Solar are the solar cells installed in Sakura, Chiba in 1984, which are still in operation*1

Kyocera established the Sakura Solar Energy Center (Sakura, Chiba) in 1984. The polycrystalline silicon solar power generation system installed at the center continues to operate today, demonstrating its superior technology and long-term reliability.

  • *1As of March 2022. The above value of 17.2% is based on actual data and also takes into account external factors such as measurement accuracy and variation of output characteristics. According to Kyocera research.

No. 1 in Japan for long-term use in residential buildings *2

In 1993, we began selling Japan's first residential solar power generation system. It continues to operate today.

  • *2Maximum usage period of mass-produced residential solar cells. In 1993, we began selling Japan's first residential solar power generation system. Currently in operation (as of April 2021). According to Kyocera research.

Kyocera continues to break long-term Solar Panel operation records every day

Solar power can be used for decades. That's why it's important to choose a product that delivers high output and excellent quality over the long term. Pioneer Kyocera solar power generation, which was one of the first companies in Japan to conduct research and development, continues to break new long-term operation records across the country.

  • Operating as of December 2021

Kyocera technology and development capabilities were the first in the world to clear harsh conditions

World's first*3! Obtained Long-term Sequential Test*4 certification for Solar Panel

The Kyocera polycrystalline silicon solar cell module underwent the Long-term Sequential Test at TÜV Rheinland, the world's leading third-party certification body for product safety and quality, making it the first in the world to pass the Solar Panel performance and quality test. It passed TÜV's salt spray test. The tests prove that the product maintains its performance for a long period of time even in harsh environments such as marine and coastal areas.

  • *3 World's first in the solar cell industry to receive TÜV Rheinland Long-term Sequential Test certification (January 2011). From the TÜV Rheinland website.
  • *4A comprehensive solar cell performance and quality test that involves continuous testing over approximately one year under conditions that are even more severe than the international standard International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). A single module is used to continuously test four items: high temperature and high humidity, temperature cycle, condensation freezing, and bypass diode. The rate of decrease in output is measured at the end of each stage. Certified in January 2011.

What is the Long-term Sequential Test?

A comprehensive Solar Panel performance and quality test that involves continuous testing over approximately one year under conditions that are even more severe than the international standard International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

Original quality testing

Quality is strictly controlled through our own testing.

Zero output degradation in PID resistance testing

Tests conducted by Germany's international research institute, the Fraunhofer Institute*5, have demonstrated that Kyocera's polycrystalline silicon Solar Panels do not experience degradation in power generation efficiency. Our Solar Panels have also passed the PV Evolution Labs (currently DNV GL) test*6, an American solar cell testing institute, which uses even more demanding conditions.

  • *5PID resistance (Potential Induced Degradation) test. The module was placed in an environment at with a DC voltage of 1,000 V, temperature of 50°C, and humidity of 50% for 48 hours, comparing the degradation rate in the module's output with the initial output. Certified in June 2012.
  • *6Placed in an environment with pressure voltage of ±1,000 V, a temperature of 85.C, and humidity of 85% for 600 hours, comparing the module output degradation rate with the initial output. Certified in November 2012.

Dirt-resistant module

The long sides of the aluminum frame, which forms the four sides around the Solar Panel, are equipped with concave draining channels that rinses dust from the glass surface along with rainwater.

Kyocera original aluminum frame (patented)
(Please contact our sales office for the model.)

Safety precautions

Please read the instruction manual carefully before using the product (or immediately after completing the installation work even if you do not start using it immediately) to ensure proper use.


Incorrect product handling can result in user death or serious injury.

  • Please contact the sales company or specialist company from which you purchased the product for any installation work.
  • Never connect equipment responsible for life support during isolated operation. The power supply is unstable during isolated operation.
  • Do not place or use the product near flammable gas or flammable materials (within 60 cm). Sparks from electrical parts may ignite leaked gas or flammable materials.

Incorrect handling of the product may result in minor injuries to the user or property damage.

  • Please consult the sales representative when installing the product in an area subject accumulated snow or if snow falling from a roof is a concern.
  • The product cannot be installed in a place subject to direct seawater spray.
  • Do not connect the product to any equipment other than the system. Connecting different types of Solar Panels, etc. may cause output loss or damage the system equipment.
  • Some isolated operation functions and emergency settings may not be available depending on the load. Also, with the isolated operation function, the power may turn off during operation depending on the amount of solar radiation.
  • Electrical noise leaking from the power conditioner and wiring may affect radio wave reception from nearby radios and amateur radios (within an approximate radius of 100 meters). If you have an amateur radio antenna nearby, please contact the sales office before purchasing the product.
  • Please ground the product. [Class C/Class D grounding]
    Incomplete grounding may result in electric shock. Do not connect the ground wire to gas pipes, water pipes, lightning rods, or telephone ground wires.

Product List

Nominal maximum output 410 W
  • This product is designed according to the characteristics of each region. For detailed specifications, please contact your sales representative.