High quality and long-term reliability achieved through reliable technology and extensive knowledge. Kyocera is chosen by people who aim for a future that is one step ahead of the rest.

Reasons to Choose Us 01

Long term reliability

Kyocera technology and quality are constantly evolving to ensure significant power generation over a long period of time.

Over 30 years of stable, long-life quality

Polycrystalline silicon solar cell modules at the Sakura Solar Energy Center, established in Sakura, Chiba in 1984, are still in operation*1 with an output degradation rate of 17.2%*2 as of 2021, 36 years later. They continue to demonstrate the superior technology and long-term reliability of Kyocera Solar Panels.

  • *1As of March 2022.
  • *2Values are based on actual data and also take into account external factors such as measurement accuracy and variation of output characteristics. According to Kyocera research.

Sakura Solar Energy Center solar cell module output degradation rate (Even after 36 years, the degradation rate is 17.2%)

Sakura Solar Energy Center (operating since 1984)

No. 1 in Japan for long-term use in residential buildings*3

Kyocera launched Japan's first residential solar power generation system in 1993. Practically coinciding with this, a national subsidy project to promote the introduction of residential solar power generation began the following year (1994). Solar power generation has begun to gain widespread acceptance in the market.

  • *3Maximum usage period of mass-produced residential solar cells. In 1993, we began selling Japan's first residential solar power generation system. Currently in operation (as of July 2023). According to Kyocera research.

Currently breaking long-term operation records for public and industrial solar power generation

Kyocera solar power generation systems installed in the 1990s across the country are breaking long-term operating records.

  • *Systems in operation as of April 15, 2022.

Photo by Hiroshima Film Commission, Hiroshima Regional Park (operating since 1992)

Oita Industrial Research Institute (operating since 1993)

Reasons to Choose Us 02

Pursuit of uncompromising quality

Kyocera creates high-quality products using unique technology.
We continue to pursue quality that only Kyocera, a pioneer in solar power generation, can provide.

Strict internal quality control

We have a background that allows us to develop and manufacture high-quality solar power generation systems thanks to learning from empirical data accumulated over many years from around the world. Additionally, as we continue to push for higher output and lower cost Solar Panels, we have always maintained a quality-first policy and have been commissioned by NEDO to undertake R&D work*4 to develop unique technologies related to long-term reliability. This has resulted in commercializing a Solar Panel that offers industry-leading long-life performance against ultraviolet rays, Temperature and humidity and Thermal cycles, which are the main environmental stresses in solar power generation systems*5. We will continue with strict quality control and, providing high-quality products using our unique testing backed by a track record cultivated over the years.

The high temperature and high humidity tests carried out by Kyocera are stricter than IEC(International Electrotechnical Commission) standards. High temperature/high humidity resistance test / Steel ball drop test / Positive/negative pressure resistance test / Solar cell element measurement and inspection process / Solar cell output measurement test / Thermal shock test / Accelerated light irradiation test / PID test / Highly accelerated lifetime test / Temperature and humidity test / Various environmental tests

Technology and development capabilities recognized the world over

Kyocera solar cell modules have received the following product quality certifications from third-party organizations around the world:

  • 2011 First in the world to receive TÜV Rheinland's Long-term Sequential Test certification
  • 2012 Zero output degradation verified in Fraunhofer high-voltage load test (PID resistance test)
  • 2014 Passed TÜV Rheinland salt spray test
  • 2016/2017: The only company to be recognized as a Top Performer in all categories of DNVGL’s reliability survey for two consecutive years
Reasons to Choose Us 03

Total Management as a Solar Power Generation Pioneer

Kyocera provides integrated service from Solar Panel production to system design,
equipment procurement, construction, operation, and maintenance.
We actively develop our power generation business globally,
leveraging our track record in meeting the needs of various customers.

Stable operation continues at Japan's largest 70 MW mega solar power plant

Kyocera mega solar power plants are active in Japan and around the world, including the Kagoshima Nanatsujima Mega Solar Power Plant (completed in 2013), which can generate enough power for 27 Tokyo Domes and approximately 22,000 ordinary households a year.


Reasons to Choose Us 04

Attentive support and after-sales service

Kyocera provides long-term peace of mind.

Residential solar power generation system*6 Triple Guarantee (available for a fee)

For residential solar power generation systems, in addition to the standard warranty (free of charge), we have introduced the Triple Warranty (available for a fee) that includes a 15-year equipment warranty, 15-year natural disaster warranty, and 20-year output warranty.
The Triple Warranty grants long-term peace of mind!!

  • Equipment warranty: 15 years from the date of delivery (standard warranty is 10 years)
  • Natural disaster warranty: 15 years from the delivery date (standard warranty is 10 years)
  • Output warranty: 20 years from the date of delivery (standard warranty is also 20 years)

Unlimited number of repairs! (during the warranty period)

Triple guarantee grants peace of mind! Repairs are unlimited during the warranty period. Equipment warranty (15 years from the date of delivery) Natural disaster guarantee (15 years from the date of delivery) Output guarantee (20 years from the date of delivery) The delivery date is the warranty start date.
  • *6Residential system supply is only available for Japanese domestic market.

Public/industrial solar power generation system O&M Service*7

To prevent losses due to power outages at solar power plants, we provide optional services that include monitoring, on-site restoration, and reporting. These services support long-term stable operation.

  • *7O & M service is only available in Japan. If you would like to request services outside the Japanese market, please contact our sales representative.