Sapphire Optical Windows

PHOTO: Sapphire Optical Windows

Direct bonding of sapphire and alumina without adhesives.

- High bonding strength
- Excellent heat resistance to control thermal deformation
(for example, windows made from A479SS, Kyocera Material Code, can be used up to about 1,500 degree C)
- Superior chemical resistance
- No adhesives results in few impurities and particles


  • High Heat Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Light Transmittance
We support custom products from prototypes to mass-production runs. Please contact us to explore options, even if your specifications are different from those shown on our Web site.
  • Product specs

Product specs

Material Sapphire + Alumina
Air tightness 10-9 Pa · m3/s or fewer in helium leak test
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