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Our Fine Ceramic Solutions
Electronic device miniaturization

Case study:
Kyocera’s Fine Ceramic technology solutions contribute to electronic device miniaturization by reducing the height and size of a gyro sensor cap
Material with both rigidity and insulation
Insulation / Semiconductivity, Stiffness


Case study of a solution that replaced the cap material used to protect electronic devices with Fine Ceramics. In this solution, a gyro sensor (image stabilization sensor) is mounted onto a ceramic base.

ChallengeStrength of the metal to the required cap thickness

To reduce the height and size of the devices used in the equipment, we studied the use of thinner caps.
When the thickness of a conventional metal cap is set to the required specification, it cannot achieve the rigidity necessary to withstand impact from the outside, and a short circuit occurs.
In addition, a resin coating on the inner wall of the metal cap was necessary to prevent the metal cap from conducting when it came into contact with the element.


  • Thin material with sufficient rigidity
  • Mass production is possible for use in electronic components

SolutionAdoption of high-rigidity alumina

Kyocera's solution replaced the conventional metal cap material with high-rigidity Alumina Fine Ceramics.

ResultSuccessfully reduced size by thinning the cap.

By switching from metal to high-rigidity Fine Ceramics, we reduced the thickness and height of the cap, thereby contributing to the miniaturization of electronic devices. And since the cap is made of an electrically insulating Fine Ceramic material, the resin coating is not required, so the clearance with the element can be further reduced.

  • Structures in the pictures and animation have been simplified.
  • Material property can change depending on operating conditions.

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Stiffness Insulation / Semiconductivity

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