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Our Fine Ceramic Solutions
Contribution to extending the life of the guide at high temperature

Case study:
Fine Ceramics extend the life of hot-dip galvanization process (500℃) guides used for steel wire production
Wear resistance, Fine Ceramics exhibit strength even at high temperatures and can withstand a high-temperature galvanization bath
Hardness, High-Temperature Strength


Here we introduce a case where Kyocera implemented a Fine Ceramic solution to extend the usage life of guides.
In the production process for steel wire, galvanization is applied to prevent rust.
During that process, the guide used to dip a steel wire into the galvanization bath (500℃) wears out so severely that the guide requires frequent replacement.

ChallengeFrequent replacement due to wear on the guide

Galvanization process guides traditionally use molten silica, which is a refractory material for casting.
However, due to contact with steel wires, the guides wear out quickly, requiring frequent replacement.
In addition, since the guides are large, replacement work is difficult.


  • Superior high-temperature strength (500℃)
  • Superior hardness and wear resistance
  • Reduction of damage during replacement

SolutionAdoption of Silicon Nitride

Kyocera changed the material used to guide steel wires through the galvanizing bath from molten silica to silicon nitride.
Silicon nitride is a Fine Ceramic with high wear resistance and excellent strength at high temperatures.

ResultSuccessful Extended guide usage life and reduced replacement frequency

Changing the material from molten silica to a Fine Ceramic (silicon nitride) reduced wear on the guide.
In addition, changing the material to Fine Ceramic reduced the size and volume of the guide, making it easier to sink into the galvanization bath.

  • Structures in the pictures and animation have been simplified.
  • Material property can change depending on operating conditions.

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Hardness High-Temperature Strength

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