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Our Fine Ceramic Solutions
Achieving High Precision and Energy Efficiency

Case study:
Improving air slide energy efficiency and precision through the use of Fine Ceramics
Rigidity, Specific gravity
Specific Gravity, Stiffness


Here we feature a case study of how Kyocera provided a Fine Ceramics solution to help solve major problems faced by a manufacturer for an air slide tool.
Compressed air is sent into an air slide to reduce the friction and give the slider high responsiveness and high speed movement.

ChallengeLow Air Slide Responsiveness and Energy Efficiency

Air slides are traditionally manufactured using metallic materials (SDK), which, due to the high specific gravity of metal, cause the air slide to have low responsiveness and energy efficiency. The low rigidity of metal also causes the component to bend, reducing the precision of the machinery.


  • Micron or sub-micron level high precision for measurement tools
  • Higher responsiveness and energy efficiency lead to improved productivity

SolutionIntroduction of a Fine Ceramic Air Slide Component

By changing the material from metal to Alumina Fine Ceramics material, the air slide achieves both low specific gravity and high rigidity.

ResultFine Ceramic Solution Achieves Higher Energy Efficiency and Precision

The Fine Ceramic material helps achieve an air slide with higher energy and precision. This change also enables stable operation for a longer period of time with less maintenance than an air slide using metal. Furthermore, this change contributed to higher precision for the measurement tools.
・ Figures based on actual use by customers.

  • Structures in the pictures and animation have been simplified.
  • Material property can change depending on operating conditions.

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Stiffness Specific Gravity

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