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Dramatic increase in life expectancy of nozzles leads to reduced down time of equipment

Case study:
A case study of improvement in abrasion resistance at an inner and outer temperature difference of 800℃
Wear-resistance, Thermal shock resistance
Hardness, Heat Shock Resistance


This is a case study of a machine which injects powder into hot air and sprays it at a high temperature and a high speed through the nozzle. There is a temperature gradient of 800℃ between the inside and outside of the device due to the cooling water that flowed on the outer circumference of the device. Therefore a nozzle with excellent thermal properties is required.
Another requirement was a material with high wear-resistance, since a large amount of high-temperature powder passed through the nozzle at a high speed.

ChallengeWear reduction of the inner wall of the nozzle resulted in the need for part replacement after only 5 hours. 

In the past, a nozzle made of metal (SKD material) was used in order to ensure thermal shock resistance.
Powder passed through the inside of the nozzle at a high temperature and a high speed causing it to degrade rapidly. The result was a need to replace the nozzle after only 5 hours.
Productivity was compromised, as the part replacement had to be done after the temperature of the device was lowered, resulting in longer down time and lower operation rate.


  • Withstands temperature gradient of 800℃
  • High abrasion-resistance characteristics
  • Less frequent down time for replacement

SolutionAdoption of a Fine Ceramic material delivers both abrasion resistance and thermal shock resistance!

By changing the material of the nozzle from conventional metal to silicon nitride (SN), wear on the inner wall was reduced significantly.

ResultUsing Fine Ceramic for the nozzle dramatically improved abrasion resistance

While the metal nozzle had to be replaced every 5 hours due to wear, Kyocera’s silicon nitride (SN) nozzle with excellent “thermal shock resistance” and “wear-resistance” has achieved continuous use for 80 hours.
Significant reduction of nozzle replacement not only improved the productivity, but also suppressed the deformation of the injection port, which resulted in an improvement in the spray quality.

Figures here are based on actual use by customers.

  • Structures in the pictures and animation have been simplified.
  • Material property can change depending on operating conditions.

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Hardness Heat Shock Resistance

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