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5655 Series

Floating type High heat resistance

5655 Series connectors feature a stacking height of just 4mm, and a proprietary floating structure optimized for high-speed data transmission. The connectors are also available in larger dimensions to serve a wide range of design requirements. The connectorsʼ dual-point contact structure ensures excellent contact reliability. Additionally, the connectorsʼ mold-style cavity shape reduces breakage when connecting or disconnecting to ensure durability. The connectors can operate in extreme temperatures from -40 to +125ºC, and they comply with the MIPI D-PHY standard (2.5Gbps) for a high-speed transmission interface.

0.5mm Pitch

Typical Applications

Automotive electronics (millimeter-wave radar, LiDAR, e-mirrors, navigation systems, cameras, etc.), connecting internal boards of electronic equipment

Part No. List by Number of Positions:


Stacking Height 4.0, 6.0, 7.0mm
No. of Positions 10 to 100
Connection Style Vertical-Vertical
With or Without
Metal Tabs
Mounting Method
Pitch 0.5mm
Rated Current DC 0.7A/Contact
DC 3A/Power pin
Rated Voltage DC 50V/Contact
Withstanding Voltage AC 500Vrms、1min.


  • Attaining a stacking height of 4.0mm which is industry's lowest* height in 0.5mm-pitch connectors. This type of connector contributes to the miniaturization of automotive electronics. In addition to the 4mm-profile type, other versions up to 7mm are also available to meet wide-ranging customer requirements.
    *Based on Kyoceraʼs research of 0.5mm-pitch connectors with floating contact structure (as of August 31, 2019)
  • The terminals feature a dual-point contact structure, which pinches the other side of terminals to ensure excellent contact reliability amid the typical shock levels within a vehicle. In addition, the shape of anchoring metals that reduces the risk of damage during mating/unmating operations ensures high durability.
  • This connector complies with the MIPI D-PHY (2.5Gbps) high-speed data transmission standard. In addition to the 0.7A/pin rated current, Kyocera also offers versions rated up to 3A/pin for high-current power.
  • The 5655 series is capable of operating at temperatures ranging from -40℃ to 125℃, ideal for all forms of advanced automotive electronics.
  • Packaged in tape and reel: 800 or 1,000 pieces/reel
  • RoHS compliant and Halogen-free
  • Contact Material: Copper alloy
  • Insulator Material: Heat-resistant plastic
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40 to +125°C

Dual-point contact structure

Mold structure enhances durability

High-current version

5655_dual_contact 5655_plug_anchor.jpg 5655_high-current_type.jpg

Plating Specifications

Plating CodeContact AreaTail AreaMetal tabsRoHS Compliance
829+ Au Au Sn-Cu Yes

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