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5859 Series

Robust type Metal tab Power

The 5859 Series are Board to Board Connectors with a fine pitch of 0.35mm. These products feature a low stacking height of 0.9mm and a space-saving design with a width of 1.9mm.It has the same dimensions of pad patterns on a printed circuit board as 5857/5859 Series products. Now there are variations in stacking height; 0.7mm with 5857 Series, 0.8mm with 5858 Series, and 0.9mm with 5859 Series, which increases freedom degree in designing. With the fine-pitch and low-profile features, the connector achieves high robustness by covering both ends with metals, which prevents the connector from damage caused by misalignments. Kyocera's original contact structure is adopted to enhance resistance to vibration and drop shocks, thus realizing high contact reliability.

0.35mm Pitch

Typical Applications

Smartphone, Tablet PCs / Notebook PCs, Wearable Devices, DSCs / DVCs, Audio Players etc.

Part No. List by Number of Positions:


Stacking Height 0.9mm
No. of Positions 36 / 40
Connection Style Vertical-Vertical
With or Without
Metal Tabs
Mounting Method
Pitch 0.35mm
Rated Current DC 0.5A/Contact
DC 3.0A/metal tab
Rated Voltage DC 60V/Contact
Withstanding Voltage AC 250Vrms/min.


  • High robustness and structure for smooth mating with top face covered by metals.
  • Space-saving connector with a fine pitch of 0.35mm, stacking height of 0.9mm, and width of 1.9mm.
  • Anchoring metal tabs are available for power connection with a rated current of 3.0A(/metal tab).
  • A pinching structure (two-point contact design), which is highly resistant to vibration and drop shocks, has been adopted for the contact structure. Furthermore, the plug contacts have an original structure featuring a wiping effect which eliminates foreign matter with concentrated load, thus realizing high contact reliability.
  • Packaged in tape and reel: 15,000 pieces/reel
  • RoHS compliant and Halogen-free
  • Contact Material: Copper alloy
  • Insulator Material: Heat-resistant plastic
  • Operating Temperature Range: -55 to +85°C

Plating Specifications

Plating CodeContact AreaTail AreaMetal TabsRoHS Compliance
829+ Au Au Au Yes

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