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8272 / 8345 Series

Kyocera's DIN Connectors conform to the German Industrial Standard DIN 41612. With high reliability and efficiency of contacts, they are increasingly accepted by users in Europe and other markets in addition to Germany. Featuring high- density, these products are two-piece connectors which require small force for mating. Available in two and three rows, they can be smoothly mounted on printed circuit boards due to a structure which ensures complete mating. There is a variety of types offering a wide selection for users: DIN-B, C, Q and R types, expanded DIN-N type (developed by Kyocera), crimp type, IDC type, and coaxial cable / high-current carrying type.
The 8272 Series , consist of plugs and the 8345 Series are receptacles only. Both are offered with two, three or four rows in either vertical or right angles, with the number of contacts ranging from 20 to 100 for the two-row type, 32 to 96 for the three-row type, and 128 for the four rows. Contacts are of solder type, wire wrap type or press-fit type, with a variety of terminal lengths to accommodate a wide range of board thicknesses.

DIN Connectors

Typical Applications

Servers, Industrial Equipment, Medical Equipment etc.

Part No. List by Number of Positions:


8272 / 8345 Series

Plug / Receptacle Plug
No. of Positions 20 to 100 (2 rows)
32 to 96 (3 rows)
128 (4 rows)
PCB Orientation Vertical
Right angle
Connector Type -
Pitch 2.54×2.54mm
Rated Current AC/DC 3.0A (IEC/DIN Standards)
AC/DC 1.5A (UL Standards)
Rated Voltage AC 250V rms
Withstanding Voltage AC 1,000Vrms/min.
Applicable PCB thickness 1.6mm Max or 2.4mm Max
Applicable wire sizes -
Insulation Diameter -


  • Contact Material: Copper alloy
  • Insulator Material: Thermoplastic
  • Operating Temperature Range: -55 to +105°C (8272), -55 to +85°C (8345)

8272 Series Plating Specifications (14th digit of part numbers)

Plating CodeContact AreaTail AreaRoHS Compliance
0 Au (0.5µm Min.) Au Yes
1 (suffix "+") Au (0.1µm Min.) Sn-Cu Yes
2 (suffix "+") Au (0.25µm Min.) Sn-Cu Yes
3 (suffix "+") Au (0.5µm Min.) Sn-Cu Yes
3 Au (0.5µm Min.) Sn-Pb No
4 (suffix "+") Au (0.76µm Min.) Sn-Cu Yes
6 Au (0.1µm Min.) Au Yes
7 Au (0.5µm Min.) Au Yes
8 Au (0.25µm Min.) Au Yes
9 Au (0.25µm Min.) Au Yes
a Au (0.5µm Min.) Au Yes
C Au (0.76µm Min.) Au Yes

8345 Series Plating Specifications (13th and 14th digits of part numbers)

Plating CodeContact AreaTail AreaRoHS Compliance
01 (suffix "+") Au (0.1µm Min.) Sn-Cu Yes
02 (suffix "+") Au (0.25µm Min.) Sn-Cu Yes
03 (suffix "+") Au (0.5µm Min.) Sn-Cu Yes
04 (suffix "+") Au (0.76µm Min.) Sn-Cu Yes
05 Au (0.1µm Min.) Au Yes
06 Au (0.25µm Min.) Au Yes
08 Au (0.25µm Min.) Au Yes
11 Au (0.76µm Min.) Au Yes
15 Au (0.5µm Min.) Au Yes
20 Au (0.1µm Min.) Au Yes
21 Au (0.5µm Min.) Au Yes
22 Au (0.26µm Min.) Au Yes
23 Au (0.76µm Min.) Au Yes

Backplane Connectors

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