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Handling of capacitors before mounting

Handling of packing

The deterioration of the packaging performance due to storage in high temperature and high humidity environments and/or long-term storage may lead to falling capacitors from the package during transport or errors during mounting. ( See Caution during storage)

The specified packaging is designed to ensure a suitable quality for inserting and mounting. When the capacitors for taping are used for bulk case, the deterioration of capacitor performance, the inefficient of mount operation and the trouble of the machine may occur. The accuracy of dimensions for the taping capacitor is not severer than that of the capacitor for bulk case.

Considerations regarding handling of bulk cases

  1. (1) A case which contains capacitors should be avoided from a shock as much as possible. The shock can lead to chipping, cracking or other damage.
  2. (2) Unused bulk feeders in production
    Bulk feeders, which are not used for current production, should not be left on the feeder table.
    Capacitors in the feeder may be shaken intensively by the movement of the feeder table, and the discoloration of capacitors (Blackening) may be hastened and the solderability may be deteriorated.
  3. (3) Quantity of SMD per a supply
    If an excessive amount of capacitors are added to the hopper they may be exposed to excess rubbing due to the vertical movement of the hopper for alignment, which may cause quality deterioration such as poor solderability, cracks and chipping of capacitors.
    Supply SMDs to standard bulk cases (EIAJ ET-7201A) with one case at a time.
  4. (4) Remaining SMDs in bulk feeder
    If capacitors remain in a bulk feeder, they become mixed with the next new lot.
    In cases where the feeder system does not use up all capacitors, confirm that no capacitors remain in the storage compartment.
    If a new lot is supplied while capacitors from the previous lot remain in the storage compartment of a bulk feeder, and the adding supply accumulates the damage on the leftover parts, the quality of the capacitors deteriorate.
  5. (5) Dirt and grime on bulk feeder
    Check the dirt on the carrier pathway of the components in bulk feeder.
    The dirt on the carrier pathway causes the supply errors and reduces the operating rate of mounting machine.
    Moreover, it may cause the failure of the bulk feeder itself.

Standards relating to Bulk Cases

EIAJ ET-7201A, Reusable bulk case for surface mounting devices

Safety Application Guide for Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors All Lists

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