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Design specifications of printed wiring board

Placement of the capacitor to printed wiring board

After soldering a capacitor on a printed wiring board, if it is bent during board cutting, board cropping,boardchecking, component mounting, mounting to a steel case, flow soldering of the back of the board after reflow soldering, or handling, a crack may occur in the capacitor.
Confirm the mounting position and direction that minimizes the stress imposed on the capacitor during flexing or bending the printed wiring board.
Recommended mounting arrangement and direction that minimizes the stress imposed on the capacitor during flexing or bending of the printed circuit board is shown as following.

Condition Unrecommended Recommended
Bending or
Unrecommended Recommended

Since mechanical stress depends on the position and direction in which the capacitor is mounted near the cutting line, please refer to the following figure.

When dividing the printed wiring boards, the intensities of mechanical stress applied to capacitors are different by each dividing method is in the order of:
Push-back < Slit < V-groove < Perforation.
Therefore, consider not only position of capacitors, but also way of dividing the printed wiring board.

Separation of multiple printed circuit board

A multiple printed circuit board is divided into each unit board after soldering. If excessive bending stress is applied to the board, a crack may occur in the capacitor. Carry out sufficient consideration for stress control at the time of cutting with reference to the following figures.

Bending stress and recommended placement of capacitor when printed circuit board is cut.

Point Unrecommended Recommended
Direction of
Unrecommended Recommended
Orientation of
Unrecommended Recommended
Distance from
a slit
Unrecommended Recommended

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