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Ceramic Capacitors

Kyocera supplies quality multilayer ceramic capacitors made with high-purity ceramics. We promote miniaturization, higher capacitance and higher function with a wide range of products that are suitable for diverse applications.


  • We realize small and high capacitance by high dielectric material and advanced lamination technology.
  • Kyocera MLCCs exhibit high reliability because of high purity, super-fine and uniform dielectric material, and monolithic structure with internal electrode.
  • MLCCs have low ESR and excellent frequency characteristics, and very suited for IC decoupling applications.
Ceramic Capacitors

You can select products by the combination of size, capacitance, temperature characteristics and rated voltage from the rich line-up for each series. Please pick your choice depending on your purpose and needs in the circuit.

(EIA Code)
Rated Voltage
01005 to 1812 X5R/X7R/
100pF to 100μF 4 to 100Vdc
01005 to 0805 CG/CH 0.2pF to 10000pF 16 to 50Vdc
0201 to 1210 X5R/X7R 220pF to 10μF 4 to 50Vdc
01005 CG/CH 0.2pF to 22pF 16Vdc
0201 to 0402 X5R/X7R 150pF to 2.2μF 6.3 to 25Vdc
0201 to 0402 X5R/X7R 150pF to 2.2μF 6.3 to 25Vdc
0201 to 1210 X5R/X7R/
1μF to 22μF 4 to 100Vdc
0805 to 2220 X7R 250pF to 0.47μF 250 to 2000Vdc
0805 to 2208 CG/CH 0.5pF to 1000pF 250 to 4000Vdc
0402 X5R 4.3μF/10μF 4Vdc

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