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The Heart of Management

Aim High

Kyocera started in a rented building. Even before we had 100 employees, I kept saying, "Kyocera has a global vision of becoming Kyocera Worldwide." For a tiny new company to target the world meant that we had to aim high.

Those who aim high will reap great success, while those who aim low only get results commensurate with their goals. When one sets a high target, all energy can be concentrated on it. That is the key to all success.
Only by picturing a bright, grandiose vision, can one achieve great deeds beyond the imagination.

About the Philosophy
To Lead a Wonderful Life
(1) Elevate Our Minds
(2) Work More Effectively
(3) Make Correct Decisions
(4) Accomplish a New Feat
(5) Conquer Obstacles
(6) Reflections on Life
The Heart of Management
At Kyocera, Everyone Is a Manager
Performing Daily Work