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Aim High

Aim High

Since the time Kyocera was founded in Nishinokyo Haramachi of Nakagyo Ward in Kyoto, I voiced my grand dream to my fellow employees.

"Someday we're going to make Kyocera No.1 in Haramachi. Once we've achieved that, we'll aim to be the best in Nakagyo Ward, then No.1 in Kyoto. When we become the best in Kyoto, we'll aim to be No.1 in Japan, then No.1 in the world." Even though Kyocera was a very small company at the time, I repeatedly talked about my dream of making it a global company.

Those who set great goals will reap great success, while those who only set small goals will achieve commensurate results. When we aim high, we are able to focus our energy toward that goal. This is the key to success.

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