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 Eco-Lessons Created by the Kyocera Group
The Kyocera Group started holding “Eco-Lessons,” with solar cells as the main theme. FY2003 for the purpose of helping provide children, the future leaders, opportunities to deepen their understanding of environmental issues and energy in school education and to foster environmental consciousness.

Through these lessons we have taught about 120,000 school children (as of the end of March 2018) about the importance of the environment.

 Lesson Contents
Major Program
Eco-Lessons provided by the Kyocera Group are mainly intended for fourth to sixth grade elementary school students. Each lesson is basically composed of 90 minutes and lecturers are Kyocera employees. When they hold an Eco-Lesson in an elementary school, they use the appropriate space in the school, such as science room, multipurpose room, or gymnasium, to explain solar cells and experiments.

1. Let's learn about environmental problems

Study environmental problems afflicting the planet and their causes.
In what places is electricity used and in what way is it connected to environmental problems?

2. Let's learn about solar cells

The power generation principle of solar cells and their manufacturing methods are discussed, and at the same time, silicon, raw materials, solar cells and modules are introduced.

3. Let's use solar cells

Children can experience the power generation of solar cells through experiments using solar cells and the use of kits with solar cells mounted. Let's use solar cells

4. Get to know more about solar cells

Places where solar cells are playing active roles are introduced. Are solar cells used in the regions where you live? Fun and educational quizzes are provided.

5. Summary

Review what was learnt in class and at the same time, think of familiar environment conservation activities to undertake in daily life.
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