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 Ceramic Packages
· Surface Mount Ceramic Packages for Electronic Devices
· Ceramic Packages and Optical Filters for Image Sensors
Optical Filters and Optical Windows

· Ceramic Packages for Automotive Electronics

Multilayer Ceramic Substrates for ECUs
LED Packages
Ceramic Packages for Automotive Sensors
Millimeter-Wave Packages
· Ceramic Packages for Large Scale Integration (LSI) Devices
· Components for Wireless Communication Devices
RF Power Transistor Packages
Thin-Film MIC Substrates
MMIC Packages
· LTCC Packages for RF Modules
· Packages and Lids for Evaluation (Standard Product Lists)
 Material Properties
 Process Flow
 Web Presentation
· Ceramic Packages for MEMS Sensors
· Ceramic Packages for Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
· Ceramic Packages for Power Electronics
Copper-Bonded Silicon Nitride Packages for Power Modules
TO Ceramic Packages
· Components for Fiber-Optic Communication Modules
Submounts and Subcarriers
Packages for Fiber-Optic Communication Modules
Optical Isolators
RF Absorber Lids
· Components for Fiber-Optic Connectors
· Ceramic Substrates for Probe Cards
· Glass Hermetic Feedthroughs

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