Ceramic Packages

Components for Wireless Communication Devices

Kyocera provides ceramic-to-metal seal packages for RF power transistors such as FETs and HEMTs. Ceramic feedthroughs with low electrical-resistance and heat sinks with high thermal conductivity are available for high power devices.
Kyocera also supplies thin-film-metallized ceramic substrates for hybrid MICs, in addition to MMIC packages that feature options of feedthrough, RF via, and electro-magnetic coupling structures suitable for frequencies up to 90GHz and beyond.

RF: Radio Frequency
FET: Field Effect Transistors
HEMT: High Electron Mobility Transistors
MIC: Microwave Integrated Circuit
MMIC: Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit

MMIC Packages


Packages with Waveguide Ports


Metal Wall Packages


Surface Mount Packages


Ceramic Wall Packages


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