Ceramic Packages

Ceramic Packages for Large Scale Integration (LSI) Devices

Flip Chip HITCE® LTCC BGA Package

Kyocera provides both ceramic and organic packages for Large Scale Integration (LSI) devices. In addition to alumina (Al2O3) ceramics, we produce aluminum nitride (AlN) with high thermal conductivity (150W/mK), as well as Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (LTCC) packages with high (12.3ppm/K) and low (3.4ppm/K) coefficients of thermal expansion.

Material Properties

HITCE® for High speed device technology

Low Loss material

Material properties
Dielectric Constant2GHz- 5.2 5.8
10GHz- 5.2 5.8
60GHz- 5.3 5.7
Dissipation Factor2GHz10-4 35 23
10GHz10-4 38 25
60GHz10-4 34 33
Conductor Cu base

Ability of low loss transmission line
Stable material properties in frequency

Tighter Impedance variation

±5% impedance variation ability


Material properties
(R.T. ~ 400°C)
Young's Modulus
74 (GPa) 95 (GPa)

Good 2nd level reliability due to close CTE to PCB

Example of High speed interface package

  • HITCE is a registered trademark of KYOCERA Corporation in Japan.

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