Ceramic Packages

Ceramic Packages for Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)

Kyocera uses alumina (Al2O3) and aluminum nitride (AlN) ceramics to produce multilayer packages and single-layer submounts for high-power, high-brightness light emitting diodes (LEDs). Multilayer alumina ceramic packages are available with a copper (Cu) heat slug for superior heat dissipation. Kyocera provides design engineering support for custom products, such as multi-chip module (MCM) packages.

Available in custom and standard designs

Standard Products List (333KB)

Surface-Mount Multilayer Ceramic Packages

  • Multilayer alumina (Al2O3) or aluminum nitride (AlN) ceramic material
  • Small size
  • Surface mount

Thin-Film-Metallized Ceramic Submounts

  • Aluminum thin film available for enhanced reflectance
  • Available in alumina (Al2O3) and aluminum nitride (AlN)
  • AlN thermal conductivity: 170, 200 or 230W/mK
  • 0.5micron max. surface roughness for high heat dissipation
  • Gold-tin (AuSn) thin film available for chip attachment
  • Surface-mount design available

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