Components for Fiber-Optic Communication Modules


Kyocera produces an extensive range of components for use in fiber-optic communication modules --including ceramic submounts, packages, optical isolators and receptacles. Our products are available both in custom configurations and in a broad line of standard designs.

Standard Products  (pdf/108KB) PDF

 Components for Cooled Laser Diode (LD) Modules
Optical Isolators (PANDA* Fiber Pigtail with Optical Isolators)
Packages (Butterfly Type)
*PANDA: Polarization-maintaining and Absorption-reducing
Submounts and Subcarriers RF Absorber Lids

 Components for TOSA / ROSA Modules
TOSA: Transmitter Optical Sub-Assembly
ROSA: Receiver Optical Sub-Assembly

Cooled Package Anti-Wiggle Receptacle TO Package Anti-Wiggle Receptacle
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