Ceramic Packages

Millimeter-Wave Packages

Kyocera offers outstanding RF performance and reliability with ceramic feed-through terminal packages, metal-wall packages and multilayer alumina ceramic wall packages for millimeter-wave high-frequency applications. Kyocera also supplies surface mountable multilayer ceramic flat packages and packages with millimeter wave guide ports made with our unique design technology.


  • Superior wide-band RF characteristics
  • Good shielding performance and isolation characteristics
  • Excellent cost performance


  • Millimeter wave anti-collision sensor, distance sensor
  • Millimeter wave pre-crash sensor

Product Concept

Metal wall package

Electro Magnetic Coupling package

Package with millimeter wave guide port

Characteristics-1 Electro Magnetic Coupling Package

Measurement Sample

Insertion Loss Measurement

Insertion Loss Distribution

Characteristics-2 Package with Wave Guide Port

Return Loss

Measurement Sample-1

Measurement Sample-2

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